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Verified natal chart of Queen Elizabeth II and predictions

Some people have used the horoscope of Queen Elizabeth with Dhanu lagna (Astrodatabank gives 2:40am as a birth time which makes it Sagittarius ascendant), which is against the very spirit of sound astrological principles. I need not elaborate here excepting to point out the importance of the mahadasha of Venus, the fifth and tenth lord for Makar lagna (Capricorn ascendant) but sixth and eleventh lord for Dhanu.

Queen Elizabeth's Natal Chart Queen Elizabeth's Natal Chart

If you see the dates of the birth of her children, all four were born in the mahadasha of Venus the fifth lord (children) and tenth lord from Makar (Capricorn). (Venus dasha was from 10/31/1946 until 10/31/1966 - her children were born in 1948, 1950, 1960, and 1964). So which lagna will you give her?

Then you have Venus as the tenth lord also giving her the throne of England (February 1952) which had sunk into an island losing all its colonies in the days of its imperial glory. What the queen inherited was a liquidated empire which had started in the life of her father King George VI.

As soon as her Venus dasha started, she got married (11/20/1947) and conceived. In Jaimini’s Chara dasha, it was the dasha of Karka (Cancer), her seventh house, with Darakaraka, Saturn aspecting it. (Jaimini aspect)

Is there any doubt of hers being Makar lagna (Capricorn ascendant)?

I have often taken up this horoscope and demonstrated many events of her life applying various known techniques in my class room.

All the problems of her life relating to Prince Charles and Diana came in the mahadasha of Rahu in the sixth house (conflict) both in the natal chart and the Saptamsha (divisional chart for children).

Queen Elizabeth's Saptamsha Chart Queen Elizabeth's Saptamsha Chart

Now this Rahu dasha is ending on 30 October 2007. It is known as the dasha chiddra or the handing over and taking over of two dashas, Rahu ending and Jupiter beginning.

In Chara dasha in 2006, it is the dasha of Kanya which has the Karakamsha and the antardasha of Mesha (Aries) which has Gnathikaraka (Sun). It has to be and is a period of sickness, accidents etc.

During this dasha chiddra, she will be eighty years old with a record of fifty four years of reign of an empire which resembles a dried orange on the geographical map of the world.

Transit of Saturn in Simha (Leo), eighth from her lagna with a saade saati on will mark the end of her era. Can she survive till or beyond 2009?

Predicting Death inflicting planet and time

This is a chart of a client who died of cancer in August, 2005. She was in a Mercury-Venus-Ketu Vimshottari dasha period. She began her 17 year Mercury mahadasha in 1999, which began a period of decline of her health.

The 2nd and 7th houses are maraka, or death-inflicting houses. Notice how Mercury is in the 7th house. It, therefore, becomes a maraka planet simply by its location in the 7th house, and a Mercury mahadasha could indicate her final mahadasha period. Mercury is also conjunct the Sun, the 2nd lord, another maraka planet. This reinforces the death-inflicting potential of a Mercury mahadasha.

She was diagnosed with Cancer in 2002 in a Mercury-Ketu period. She had a successful surgery in that year and didn't have a relapse of her cancer until the fall of 2004 in her Mercury-Venus-Saturn period. As soon as Saturn transited into Cancer, and aspected her lagna, and was opposite her Sun and Mercury she had the relapse.

Notice also how Venus is in the 8th house, the house of chronic illness, struggle and death. Looking at Venus from two alternate lagnas, the Sun, and mahadasha planet, Mercury, Venus is in the 2nd house, a maraka house. She struggled for about 10 months with various kinds of medical treatment but to no avail. She died a peaceful death while Saturn was within 7 degrees of both her lagna and Sun by transit.