Earn living through computer and astrology

Computers a boon to Astrologers.

Astrology is a Vedic science. It has astronomy as its base. For preparing a comprehensive horoscope a lot of calculations have to be made. Preparing Astaka-Vargas, Shodasa Vargas, their strengths etc. take a lot of time. Normally a comprehensive horoscope can be prepared and cast with accuracy after labouring for at least 6 hours assisted by another person. This is only the mathematical calculations part which is essential of fairly accurate predictions. In all about 10 hours hard labour gives a horoscope with predictions. Thus the Astrologers are handicapped with more work, less turnover few monitory gains. In this jet age rocket age this slower out put neither helps an astrologers nor the consultant. Repeated postponement of delivery of a horoscope attracts brick fats, rather than fee. Added to this any slip in a calculation or a mistake instead of 3 for 2 makes the horoscope useless. Thus manually prepared horoscopes have become out dated.

Fortunately we are in an age of electronics. The calculations which take by human manual power for 10 hours, are done by a properly programmed computer horoscope in about 7 minutes including printing. There is no scope for ever 0.001% error, of course, if programmed correctly. Most of the computer horoscope packages are 99.99% accurate as far as the data and calculations are concerned. Regarding the prediction part, it all depends on the person who prepared the data files for the computer horoscope. They may be highly learned or Medicare. It all depends on the Astrologers engaged the programmer. In my 15 years of experience as a computer horoscope user, I find that the package supplied by Future Point (P) Ltd., Delhi is the best. I was the Ist person in Andhra Pradesh to start a computer horoscope center as long back as 1980. I got a package made by (State) R.B.S. Mani of Bombay on 2x spectrum. It could not show retrogression of planets in it. Subsequently in 1989 I had the good fortune of meeting Sri. Arun K. Bansal. In view of my seniority, ICAS he kindly gave me Teva (Calculations etc only). The Future Point computer horoscope gave me large access to difficult calculations with which I could publish "Planetary Aspects A Conjunctions", "Rational Astrology" and The "Fallacies in Astrology". Had I depended on manual work with ephemeris, the take of houses etc. I would not have come across, the intricacies of Astrology to write those three books.

By feeding the Name, Date, Time or Place of birth the computer horoscope gives different types or modules of horoscopes, from simple Rasi, navamsas, degrees of planets and the balance of planet period to detail charts, Friendship and enemity of planets in the horoscope, Astakavargas, trikona reduction of Astakavargas, shodasa Vargas, strengths of planets and houses, Ashtottari dasa, Vimsottari dasa and so on. The periods, subperiods can be made to the minutest division. With just one or two commands the horoscope can be had in K.P.System or conventional system. The choice of ayanamsa is made very easy.

The most wrong some part of Marriage matching is made easy and accurate in computer packages. Future Point also has lightened the work of astrologers, by providing easy access to Muhurtas through its computer horoscope package. The computer horoscope has become a boon to a busy; but worried man about his future. If he can not readily find an astrologer, he can get his horoscope made with predictions by just phoning up his data. The annual predictions give a lot of relief to a consultant. Some people suddenly fix up their matrimonial alliances. They can not find a suitable astrologer in time to fix up the muhurta. Then the computer horoscope comes handy. He can have a good hitable muhurta in ten minutes.

Thanks to computer horoscopes many new Astrologers are entering the field. The Astrologers who could make hardly their living making laborious calculations and preparing horoscope are now in a position to read a dozen computer horoscopes a day and earn ten to twenty times of what they could earn with manual horoscopes. In fact the astrologers have become richer happier due to the computer horoscopes, than the computer horoscope programmers themselves. Today astrology has become very popular in every home in India, may! every house in the civilized world, to more on account of computer horoscopes. Than the astrologer. The day is not far for the computer horoscopes to predict natural calamities like earth quacks, cyclones etc besides diseases, accidents its in human beings.

Astrology made effective by use of Internet :Earn Money from it

Astrology & Internet

Now-a-days every aspect of the day-to-day life is influenced in one way or the other by the computers. Astrology is also not left unturned. Computers had provided a major & drastic change in the field of astrology. Many computer giants along with many renowned astrologers had developed many astrological software to make the astrological calculations as a Childs play. Accurate calculations are a boon to astrology. More accurate the calculations, more accurate are the predictions. As to err is to human so many astrologers are relying on computers.

The greatest giant of the IT industry, INTERNET, is also not left unturned. There are so many astrological sites on the net that surfing of which if not impossible is a very tedious & time consuming job. To lessen your efforts to do so, we are providing herewith you a comprehensive list of few very good astrological sites. The noteworthy among are


1Horoscope online www site came to life in April 1996 in Croatia (Central Europe). The core of the team consists of two persons, to bring out this site, Nenad ZeZlina & Danko Josic, respectively. Any information about the site can be obtained by mailing at info@1horo-scope.com. The main features of the site are :

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    This site is originated & conceived by K.K. Nair on behalf of M/s Express Newspapers Ltd., Express Estates, Chennai, India. The site is designed and maintained by Mahesh Networks.The main features of the site are :

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This site is maintained by Cyber Astro (P) Ltd., New Delhi. The site is designed by VIA & hosted by Cyber India Online. This site is based on the inputs from the books "How to Judge a Horoscope by B.V. Raman; Elements of Vedic Astrology & Essentials of Medical Astrology by Dr. K.S. Charak; The Astrology of Seers by David Frawley; Ayurveda, Life, Health & Longevity by Robert E. Suoboda. The shobla & Translation for this site is done by Jean Lee Mee. More infor-mation about this site can be obtained from cyberast@del2.vsnl.net.in. The main features of the site are :

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Predict cancer 6 year before biopsy through numerology

Health and Numerology

Astro-numerology can tell about the, good and bad times in
future, present and past. The author discussed the diseases which are counected with particular numbers and suggests
that caution and abstinence are the ways to get rid of misfortunes befalling due to ill health get rid.

If we think with subtle intution we get to know that every thing is being done and guided by some external force and we are bound to do that. Numerology, Which is a part of astrology is the science that describes the influence of the heavenly bodies upon mundane affairs and upon man and life. Numerology can only indicate what is likely to happen but astrologically we can know the kind of the happening.

Number 1

Number 1 belongs to Sun. One who is born on 1, 10, 19, 28 is mainly ruled by Sun. The Sun governs the back, heart, arteries, head, liver, stomach and retentive faculties. Illness related to these are high blood pressure, palpitation and heart attack. These people have great vitality of life. That is why they do not feel the work load heavy and they spoil their inner vitality with too much zeal. Intoxicants (wine or cigarette) and medicine addiction should be avoided by them, otherwise they may, liver, kidney and lungs problems. They like to take food which produces high calories and intoxicated drinks, which is not good for them. They need rest and sleep. They should avoid cool places and be careful about eye and throat problems. They should take honey, dry fruits, orange, apple, clove, ginger, barely. Kesar, Ashtvarg, Ashwagandha and nutmeg. These are extremely beneficial to them. October, December and January are not good months for them. They have to be cautions in then 10th, 19th, 28th, 37th and 55th years to there may be changes in there lives. They should avoid rigidity and ruling nature.

Number 2

This number is governed by Moon. Those who are born on 2, 11, 20 and 29 are ruled by Moon. The diseases of Moon are consumption, rheumatism, vertigo, colic, palsy, apoplexy, smallpox, dropsy, piles, tumour, cough and cold, eye disease and toothache. Living style and atmosphere have extreme effects on them. Seasonal fruits, cabbage, cucumber, carrot, radish and linseed are extremely beneficial for them. They should avoid cool, dark and dirty places. January, February and July are the harmful months. 1st, 4th, 10th, 11th, 20th, 25th, 29th, 43rd, 47th, 52nd, 66th, are years of life which need caution and care.

Number 3

The natives who are born on 3, 12, 21 and 30 have the main number 3 and are governed by Jupiter. It is considered a hot, sanguine, airy, beneficial, masculine and social planet. Jupiter governs the liver, lungs, veins and all the viscera. Those persons who are influenced by Jupiter should avoid ego and be guided by self intuition which is found in him in plenty. Skin diseases, joint pain, gastritis, cough diabetes, paralysis and heart fail may happen to then. They should avoid fatty meals. Apple, grapes, pomegranate, pineapple, almonds, mint, cherry and cloves etc. are beneficial for them. February, June, September and December, 3, 12, 21,30, 39, 48, 57 and 65 are also event fuly years for others them. They should work independently. Interferencely causes mental tension for them.

Number 4

Number 4 is associated with Rahu and governs the number 4, 13, 22 and 31. This is a shadow planet and is known for ups and downs and also wonderful deeds. They are happy, they don't feel it, otherwise they are always worried about the diseases. They do not appear to be healthy, but the inner vitality keeps them going. They do not die even after major accidents or massive blows. Cold, influenza, lung problem, piles, constipation, tumour, anaemia, urinary and kidney trouble especially hit them. To avoid these problems, they should be mentally peaceful and intoxicants and spicy fatty foods should be avoided. Electrotreatment is beneficial for them.

Taking precautions, may save them from nervous strains and unnecessary disappointments. Green vegetables and vegetarian foods are essential and beneficial for them. January, February, July, August and September are not good months for them. 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49 and 58 years are eventful aflict these people.

Number 5

One who is born on 5, 14, 23 is influenced by number 5, whose ruling planet is Mercury. Mercury governs speech, memory, nostrils, hands and the nerve system. Sleeplessness, diabetes, physical and mental depression, stammering apoplexi, lisping, dumbness, tumour in the nose or head, nervousness, cough, hoarseness, gout in hands and feet and vertigo are the main diseases that timely meals, sleep and rest is essential for them. Carrot, radish, coconut, Ajwain, mint, green vegetables, pulse, Trifala and barley have capacity to keep them healthy. June, September and December are not good months for them. 14th, 23rd, 41st and 50th years are for changes. They should be careful during these years.

Number 6

Numbers 6, 15 and 24 are ruled by Venus. Those who are born on these date are the stars of destiny. They easily come grip of diseases related to lung, throat, nose and head. They should guard there selves against heart trouble. The luxurious life, loving attitude for artistic and beautiful things, journey and inclination towards females can cause severe diseases related to urinary system. If they keep control over themselves they can avoid dropsy, cancer and diseases related to infections due to closeners. Green vegetables, cucumber, apple, pomegranate, almonds, salad and rice are beneficial for them. They should avoid non-vegetarian food 6th, 15th, 24th, 33rd, 42nd, 51st and 60th are the eventful years for them. May, October and November are not good months.

Number 7

A person born on 7th, 16th and 25th have association with number 7 and is ruled by Ketu. This number stands for subconscious and magical will. Many friendships, ill temper, vociferousness and mental tension will cause many diseases in them. They can be easily affected by the atmosphere of their dwelling place. Bronchitis, cough and cold, nasal congestion, bad eye sight, tonsillitis, psycho-hysteria, lung problem, skin and chronic diseases can affect them easily. They should avoid intoxicants and carbon-di-oxide producing things. Sleep, fresh air and water, simple food, fruit juice, apple, grapes, cucumber, cabbage, Chiku and linseed are good for them. January, February, July and August are not good for them. 16th, 25th, 34th, 43rd, 52nd and 61st years are eventful for them.

Number 8

Those persons who are born on 8th, 17th, 26th are ruled by Saturn. The native of Saturn is always self made, economical, thrifty and provident. They are infected by many chronic diseases like epilepsy, tooth ache, black jaundice, deafness, leprosy, dropsy, diptheriaeria, glandular swelling on neck, blood infections, joint pains, constipation, paralysis and anaemia. They should avoid any kind of intoxicant. Early rising, exercises and breathing fresh air are essential for them. December, January, February and July are the months of trouble for them. 8th, 17th, 26th, 35th, 44th, 53rd and 62nd are eventful years for them.

Number 9

Those people who are born on 9th, 18th and 27th are ruled by Mars. They are extremely sensitive. It governs involvin the head, face, kidneys, knees, groin, bladder, organs of generation, heart throb and circulation. The diseases of the planet are of the inflamatory kind like. Tumors, small pox, measles, headache, fevers of all kinds, sexual diseases and high blood pressure. Accidents and blood shedding is the part of their life. They should avoid impulsiveness, mental anxiety and hypocratism. Garlic, onion, ginger, green chillies and coconut water are extremely essential for them. April, May, October, November are the months to be careful. 9th, 18th, 27th, 36th, 45th and 63rd are the year of events.

All type of remedies are possible with sprituality



"Welcome to the World of Spirituality"


Spirituality - FuturePointIndia

Spiritualism refers to the divine and religious aspects of life, death, re-incarnation etc. The studies of Indian spiritualism centers around the "Soul" or the "Brahma" which is supposed to be an inseparable part of the "Absolute God" or the "Param Brahma."

Man is divine by birth. The inherent divinity of a man is written large on a child's innocent and guileless face. At this stage he has no religion, no caste, no bias, no jealousy and man is just God like. Love is the only language he understands. As he grows and socializes he interacts with his family and people around him.

Gradually develops some norms, ethics and principles, which we call his 'Sanskar'. As he develops these norms the ignorance gets covered up and they govern his actions. The ideal goal of life, according to scriptures, is no doubt, our spiritual development. Good sanskar lead to this spiritual enlightenment.

In this modern world of Technology the society is undergoing a drastic change. This does not mean that we should forget our traditions, Cultural values and norms. We should walk along in the modern world with disciplined culture. And try to root out all the evils from the society. But this is only possible if the entire individual have purity of thought and inner peace.

If you have any question or query regarding the spiritual aspects of life like birth, death, re-incarnation, etc. you can ask us. Your queries will be answered by the "Realized Soul", who is supposed to have experienced the real truth of life and who has possessed supernatural power in him.

Sachin Tendulkar will make 50 century : prediction by horoscpe

India's greatest batting sensation

The birth of India's greatest player in cricket, Sachin took place in Leo Navmansh Of Scorpio lagna (ascendant). The lord of ascendant Mars is exalted in 3rd house. The 5th house lord Jupiter who is significance of intellect, religion and popularity is creating Neechbhang Rajyoga.

In 2nd house, lord of 9th house Moon is present in Sagittarius along with Rahu. Rahu and Ketu are also forming Kaal Sarp Yog. These combinations are instrumental in taking Sachin to heights of fame and popularity. This is also significater for honor and fortune.

The Mars situated in 3rd house has joined Jupiter who is lord for sports and has rendered skills to understand stokes of new kind and artistic use of wrist to make him world's most acclaimed batsman.

The mutual aspect of 9th lord Moon with Ketu situated in 8th house in Sachin's horoscope has helped him to bat with concentration. Saturn who is lord of 3rd and 4th houses is situated in 7th house in Taurus.

Jupiter's aspects on 7th, 9th aspects on his own sign on 4th house and on ascendant have preserving batsman who is capable of prevailing upon bowless.

The lord of 10th house Sun who is exalted in 6th house and joining there with enemy Venus and aspect of Mars from 3rd house have always kept the opposing bowlers bowed before him and established him on greatest heights in world of cricket.

The debilitated Mercury situated in 5th house created hurdles in Sachin's education but Mercury's aspect on 11th house on Virgo has rendered him wealth.

Sachin horoscope has Kulik Kaal Sarp Yog that has caused him health problems.

Ketu situated in Gemini causes problems of nerves. If Sachin arranges remedies for few adverse planets then he will not have face problem concerning his body.

Due to Kulik Kaal Sarp, he may have to spend on his health but he will earn wealth and honor. However second half of native's life has problems. Few natives suffer from nerves disorder due to financial losses. Natives suffer from theft' lawsuits and diseases of throat, eyes, ears, nose, bones etc. Such natives earn tremendous wealth from all corners of world and live a long life. However planetary transits may cause variations in these results.

Combination of planets for huge wealth in life

Combinations for Wealth

1. I now tell you of special combinations, giving wealth. One born to these Yogas will surely become wealthy.

2. Yogas for Great Affluence (up to Sloka 8). Should a Rāśi of Śukr be Putr Bhava and be occupied by Śukr himself, while Mangal is in Labh Bhava, the native will obtain great riches.

3. Should a Rāśi of Budh be Putr Bhava and be occupied by Budh himself, as Labh Bhava is occupied by Candr, Mangal and Guru, the native will be very affluent.

4. Should Simh be Putr Bhava and be occupied by Sūrya himself, as Śani, Candr and Guru are in Labh Bhava, the native will be very affluent.

5. Should Sūrya and Candr be in Labh Bhava, as Śani is in Putr Bhava identical with his own Bhava, the native will be very affluent.

6. Should Guru be in Putr Bhava identical with his own Rāśi, as Budh is in Labh Bhava, the native will be very affluent.

7. If a Rāśi of Mangal happens to be Putr Bhava with Mangal therein, while Śukr is in Labh Bhava, the native will become very affluent.

8. If Kark happens to be Putr Bhava, containing Candr therein, while Śani is in Labh Bhava, the native will become very affluent.

9. Yogas for Wealth (up to Sloka 15). Should Sūrya be in Simh identical with Lagn and be yuti with, or receiving a Drishti from Mangal and Guru, one will be wealthy.

10. Should Candr be in Kark identical with Lagn and be yuti with, or receiving a Drishti from Budh and Guru, one will be wealthy.

11. Should Mangal be in Lagn identical with his own Rāśi and be yuti with, or receiving a Drishti from Budh, Śukr and Śani, the native will be rich.

12. Should Budh’s Rāśi be Lagn with Budh therein and should Budh be yuti with, or receiving a Drishti from Śani and Guru, the native will be rich.

13. Should Guru be in Lagn identical with his own Rāśi and be yuti with, or receiving a Drishti from Budh and Mangal, the native will be rich.

14. If Śukr happens to be in Lagn identical with his own Rāśi and be yuti with, or receiving a Drishti from Śani and Budh, one will be wealthy.

15. If Śani is in his own Rāśi identical with Lagn and receiving a Drishti from, or being yuti with Mangal and Guru, the native will be wealthy.

16. Other Qualified Grahas. Dharm’s Lord and Putr’s Lord are capable of bestowing wealth. Similarly Grahas, yuti with Dharm’s Lord and/or Putr’s Lord are capable of bestowing wealth. There is no doubt, that these Grahas will give wealth during their Dasha periods.

17. The Yogas, mentioned above (up to Sloka 16) should be delineated after knowing favourable, or unfavourable dispositions of the participant Grahas and their strength and weakness.

18-19. Effects of the Divisional Dignities of the Lords of Kendras. If the Lord of a Kendr is in Parijatāńś, the native will be liberal, if in Uttamāńś, will be highly liberal, if in Gopurāńś, will be endowed with prowess, if in Simhasanāńś, will be honourable, if in Paravatāńś, will be valorous, if in Devalokāńś, will be head of an assembly, if in Brahmalokāńś, will be a sage and, if in Iravatāńś, will be delighted and be celebrated in all quarters.

20-22. Effects of the Divisional Dignities of Putr’s Lord. If Putr’s Lord is in Parijatāńś, the native will take to the branch of learning, befitting his race, if in Uttamāńś, will have excellent learning, if in Gopurāńś, will receive world-wide honours, if in Simhasanāńś, will become a minister, if in also Paravatāńś, will be endowed with Vedic Knowledge, if in Devalokāńś, will be a Karm Yogi (performer of actions, worldly and religious rites), if in Brahmalokāńś, will be devoted to the Lord and, if in Iravatāńś, will be pious.

23-27. Effects of the Divisional Dignities of Dharm’s Lord. If Dharm’s Lord is in Parijatāńś, the native will visit holy places, if in Uttamāńś, has been visiting holy places in the past births and he will do the same within this life-time, if in Gopurāńś, will perform sacrificial rites, if in Simhasanāńś, will be mighty and truthful, conquerer of his senses and will concentrate only on the Brahman, giving up all religions, if in Paravatāńś, will be the greatest of ascetics, if in Devalokāńś, will be an ascetic, holding a cudgel (Lagudi), or he will be a religious mendicant, that has renounced all mundane attachments and carrying three long staves, tied together, in his right hand (Tridandin) and, if in Brahmalokāńś, will perform Aswamedh Yagya (Horse Sacrifice) and will attain the state of Lord Indra, if in Iravatāńś, will be a synonym of Dharma, or virtues just, as Lord Ram and Yudhishtira.

28. Lords of Kendras and Konas Related. The Kendras are known, as Vishnu Sthanas (Bhavas of Lord Vishnu), while the Konas are called Lakshmi Sthanas. If the Lord of a Kendr establishes a relationship with the Lord of a Kon, a Raj Yog is obtained.

(A sixth kind of relationship can also be extended in this context to Navāńś positions, though there is no specific classic sanction for this. For example in the case of a Makar native Mangal in the Navāńś of Śukr and Śukr in the Navāńś of Mangal will confer a superior Raj Yog. This form of relationship will be equally superior, like the first 3 relationships, mentioned in the earlier paragraph).

29-34 Effects of the Divisional Dignities of Related Lords of Kendras and Lords of Konas. If the Lord of a Kendr and the Lord of a Kon, having a relationship, as indicated in Sloka 28, happen to be in Parijatāńś, the native will be king and will protect men, if in Uttamāńś, will be an excellent king, endowed with elephants, horses, chariots etc., if in Gopurāńś, will be a tiger of kings, honoured by other kings and, if in Simhasanāńś, will be an emperor, ruling over the entire earth. With the said Raj Yog relationship of the said Grahas in Simhasanāńś were born Harish Candr, Manu, Bali, Agni Deva and many emperors. In the present Yuga so born is Yudhishtira (Dharm Raj of Mahabharat). Salivahana’s birth and that of others will also come with this Yog. With such Lords, placed in Paravatāńś, Manu etc. were born. The Incarnations of Lord Vishnu took place, when such Lords were placed in Devalokāńś. With such Lords, placed in Brahmalokāńś, Lord Brahma was born and, placed in Iravatāńś, the Swayambhu Manu was born. (Manu is the first of the 14 Manus, identified, as the second creator, who produced the Prajapatis. To Manu the code of laws, Manu Smriti is ascribed).

Effect of gem stones to improve your fortune an analysis

The Demon Vala
"The blood of the great demon Vala was taken by Surya, the Sungod, who then fled into the blue vastness of space....Ravana attempted to block Surya's flight like a solar eclipse....Appearing afraid of Ravana, the Sungod dropped the demon's blood, which fell down in the deep pools of ancient Bharata (which included Burma, Siam, India, and of course Sri Lanka)....Beautiful and effulgent rubies, in all shades of color, possessing manifold virtues, originated on these shores....The rubies from these fragrant lands are found in a variety of hues....Some are like human blood, etc.....Being illuminated by rays of the Sun, this crystal species shines forth with wonderful color and brilliancy."

NOTE: That is a direct bona fide Vedic link between Surya (Sun) and rubies.

In chapter 69 it is further stated by Suta Goswami:

"The teeth of the demon Vala....fell like stars into the oceans below and became seeds for a species of gems with the luster of full Moon beams. Entering into the shells of oysters these seeds became (natural) pearls."

NOTE: Another direct link that matches the nine planets (Graha-devas) with associated gems, viz., natural pearl for Chandra, the Moon.

There are nine foremost gems which are known as the Nava-ratna. This quote attributed to the Sanskrit "Brihat Jatak" or Vast Production , reads as follows:

Manikyam dinanayakasya vimalam muktaphalam shitagoh
maheyasya cha vidrumam marakatam saumyasya-garutmakam
devejyasya cha pushparagam sura-achryasya vajram shaneh
nilam nirmalamanyayoshcha gadite gomeda-vaiduryake

Translation: The Sun's gem is pure ruby, Moon is (natural) pearl, Mars is red coral, Mercury is emerald, Jupiter is yellow sapphire, Venus is diamond, Saturn is blue sapphire, Rahu is hessonite, and Ketu is cat's eye.

A slightly different version of this ancient Sanskrit verse is also quoted in the "Mani-mala" page 575, verse 79 by S. M. Tagore (1879), and also in the ancient "Jataka Parijata," chap. 2, sloka 21 compiled by Sri Vaidyanatha Dikshitar (son of Venkata-dhari), and reads in Sanskrit as follows:

Manikyam taraneh sujatyamamalam muktaphalam shitagoh
maheyasya cha vidrumao nigaditah saumyasya-garutmakam
devejyasya cha pushparagam asura-achryasya vajram shaneh
nilam nirmalamanyayoshcha gadite gomeda-vaiduryake


1) Ruby for the Sun,
2) Pearl for the Moon,
3) Coral for Mars,
4) Emerald for Mercury,
5) Yellow sapphire for Jupiter,
6) Diamond for Venus,
7) Blue sapphire for Saturn,
8) Hessonite for Rahu (the ascending node of the Moon)
9) Cat's eye for Ketu (the descending node of the Moon),
these gems must be high-born (top quality) and flawless

In this important sloka the words, "sujatyam-amalam" (sujati=high born, and amala=completely pure or flawless) are very significant. According to bona fide Vedic authority only clean top quality gems are considered to be auspicious.

To further support this important yet mostly over-looked dictate I will quote the following slokas:

In the "Garuda Puranam," chap. 68, verse 17 it is stated by Sri Suta Goswami,

"Pure, flawless gems have auspicious powers which can protect one from demons, snakes, poisons, diseases, sinful reactions, and other dangers, while flawed stones have the opposite affect."

Again we quote from the ancient "Agni Puranam" chap. 246, slokas 7 & 8:

"A gem free from all impurities and radiating its characteristic internal luster should be looked upon as an escort of good luck;A gem which is cracked, fissured, devoid of luster, or appearing rough or sandy, should not be used at all."

This point is also made in many chapters of Sri Garuda Puranam, such as this quote on rubies by Sri Suta Goswami,

"A ruby, although genuine, should not be worn if it has strong color banding, excessive inclusions within like numerous internal cracks, a sandy appearance, a rough surface, or is dull and lusterless. Anyone using such a flawed ruby, even out of ignorance, will suffer from disease, or loss of fortune."

How to predict raj yogas in a horoscope

Raj Yog

1-2. O excellent of the Brahmins, I now narrate below the Raj Yogas, making one entitled to royal honour. These were told to Parvati by Lord Shiva once upon a time, the gist of which is, as follows.

3-5. Raj Yogas are to be known from the Karakāńś Lagn and the natal Lagn. On the one hand the pair of Atma Karak and Putr Karak should be considered and on the other hand the natal Lagn’s Lord and Putr’s Lord should be taken into consideration. The effects, due to such association, will be full, or a half, or a quarter, according to their strengths.

6-7. Maha Raj Yog. Should Lagn’s Lord and Putr’s Lord exchange their Rāśis, or, if Atma Karak and Putr Karak (Char) are in Lagn, or in Putr Bhava, or in the exaltation Rāśi, or in own Rāśi, or in own Navāńś, receiving a Drishti from a benefic, Maha Raj Yog is produced. The native so born will be famous and happy.

8. If Lagn’s Lord and Atma Karak are in Tanu, Putr, or Yuvati Bhava, yuti with, or receiving a Drishti from a benefic, a Raj Yog is formed.

9-10. Should there be benefics in the 2nd, the 4th and the 5th, counted either from Lagn’s Lord, or from Atma Karak Rāśi, one will become a king. Similarly malefics in the 3rd and 6th from Lagn’s Lord, or from Atma Karak Rāśi will make one a king.

11. One will be related to royal circles, if Śukr is the Karakāńś, or in the 5th there from, or in Lagn, or in Arudh Lagn, receiving a Drishti from, or yuti with Guru, or Candr.

12. Even, if a single Grah gives a Drishti to the natal Lagn, or Hora Lagn, or Ghatik Lagn, the native will become a king.

13-14. If the Shad Vargas of Lagn are occupied, or receive a Drishti from one and the same Grah, a Raj Yog is doubtlessly formed. Accordingly, if the Drishti is full, half, or one fourth, results will be in order full, medium and negligible.

15. If the 3 Lagnas (natal, Hora and Ghatik) are occupied by Grahas in exaltation, or in own Rāśi, or, if the natal Lagn, the Dreshkan Lagn and the Navāńś Lagn have exalted Grahas, Raj Yog is formed.

16. If Candr and a benefic are in the Arudh Lang, as Guru is in the 2nd from the natal Lagn and both these places are receiving Drishtis from Grahas in exaltation, or Grahas in own Rāśi, there will be a Raj Yog.

17. If Lagn, Dhan and Bandhu Bhava are occupied by benefics, while a malefic is in Sahaj Bhava, one will become a king, or equal to a king.

18. The native will be wealthy, if one among Candr, Guru, Śukr and Budh is exalted in Dhan Bhava.

19. If Ari, Randhr and Sahaj Bhava are occupied by debilitated Grahas, as Lagn’s Lord is exalted, or is in own Bhava and gives a Drishti to Lagn, there is a Raj Yog.

20. Again a Raj Yog is formed, if Ari’s, Randhr’s and Vyaya’s Lords are in fall, or in inimical Rāśis, or in combustion, as Lagn’s Lord, placed in his own Rāśi, or in its exaltation Rāśi, gives a Drishti to Lagn.

21. If Karm’s Lord, placed in his own Bhava, or in its exaltation Rāśi, gives a Drishti to Lagn, a Raj Yog is formed. Similar is the case, if benefics are in Kendras.

22. If the Atma Karak Grah is in a benefic’s Rāśi/Navāńś, the native will be wealthy. If there are benefics in Kendras from Karakāńś Lagn, he will become a king.

23. If the Arudh Lagn and Dar Pad are in mutual Kendras, or in mutual Sahaj/Labh Bhavas, or in mutual Konas, the native will doubtlessly become a king.

24. If two, or all of Bhava, Hora, Ghatik Lagnas are receiving a Drishti from exalted Grahas, a Raj Yog is formed.

25. If Bhava, Hora and Ghatik Lagnas, their Dreshkanas and Navāńśas, or the said Lagnas and their Navāńśas, or the said Lagnas and their Dreshkanas receive a Drishti from a Grah, a Raj Yog is formed.

26-27. If Arudh Pad is occupied by an exalted Grah, particularly Candr in exaltation, or by Guru and/or Śukr (with, or without exaltation), while there is no Argala by a malefic, the native will become a king. If the Arudh Pad is a benefic Rāśi, containing Candr, while Guru is in Dhan Bhava, the same effect will prevail.

28. Even, if one among Ari’s, Randhr’s and Vyaya’s Lords, being in debilitation, gives a Drishti to Lagn, there will be a Raj Yog.

29-31. The native will become a king, if a Grah, ruling Bandhu, Karm, Dhan, or Labh, gives a Drishti to Lagn, while Śukr gives a Drishti to the 11th from Arudh Lagn, as Arudh Lagn is occupied by a benefic. The same effect will be obtained, if a debilitated Grah gives a Drishti to Lagn and is placed in Ari, or Randhr Bhava. Again similar result will prevail, if a debilitated Grah, placed in Sahaj, or Labh Bhava, gives a Drishti to Lagn.

32. I now tell you of the Raj Yogas, based on the Grahas with different dignities and on the Drishtis and Yutis of the Grahas.

33-34. Dharm’s Lord is akin to a minister and more especially Putr’s Lord. If these two Grahas mutually give a Drishti, the native will obtain a kingdom. Even, if these two are yuti in any Bhava, or, if they happen to be placed in mutually 7th places, one born of royal scion will become a king.

35. The native will attain a kingdom, if Bandhu’s Lord is in Karm Bhava and Karm’s Lord is in Bandhu Bhava and, if these Grahas give a Drishti to Putr’s and Dharm’s Lords.

36. If the Lords of Putr, Karm, Bandhu and Lagn are yuti in Dharm Bhava, one will become a ruler with fame, spreading over the four directions.

37. Should the Lord of Bandhu, or of Karm Bhava join either the Putr’s Lord, or Dharm’s Lord, the native will obtain a kingdom.

38. If Putr’s Lord is in Lagn, Bandhu, or Karm Bhava, yuti with Dharm’s Lord, or Lagn Lord, the native will become a king.

39. Should Guru be in his own Rāśi identical with Dharm Bhava and yuti with either Śukr, or Putr’s Lord, the native will obtain royal status.

40. Two and a half Ghatis from mid-day, or from mid-night is auspicious time. A birth during such an auspicious time will cause one to be a king, or equal to him.

41. Should Candr and Śukr be mutually in Sahaj and Labh Bhava and receiving Drishtis from each other, while they are placed elsewhere, a Raj Yog is obtained.

42. Should Candr, endowed with strength, be Vargottāńś and receives a Drishti from four, or more Grahas, the native will become a king.

43. One will become a king, if Lagn in Uttamāńś receives a Drishti from four, or more Grahas, out of which Candr should not be one.

44. If one, or two, or three Grahas are in exaltation, one of a royal scion will become a king, while another will be equal to a king, or be wealthy.

45. If four, or five Grahas occupy their exaltation Rāśis, or Mooltrikon Rāśis, even a person of base birth will become king.

46. If six Grahas are exalted, the native will become emperor and will enjoy various kinds of royal paraphernalia.

47. Even, if one among Guru, Śukr and Budh is in exaltation, while a benefic is in a Kendr, the native will become a king, or be equal to him.

48. If all benefics are relegated to Kendras, while malefics are in Sahaj, Ari and Labh Bhava, the native, though may be of mean descent, will ascend the throne.

Exact calculation of longivity as per vedic horoscope or kundli

Calculation of Longevity

1. The people all over remain perplexed over the question of longevity. So I narrate the relative principles based on the Shastras here under.

2-3. SELECTION OF SYSTEM FOR LONGEVITY COMPUTATION. Out of the triothe Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant, if the Ascendant is the strongest, Amsayurdaya should be resorted to. Pindayu is the best, if the Sun is predominant, while Nisargayu is the apt choice with Moon prevailing. If the three in question are bereft of strength, then Jeevasarma's system can be used.

4. AMSAYURDAYA CALCULATIONS. The longitudes (counted from Aries first point) of the (seven) planets and the Ascendant should be divided by 200 to get the number of years. The quotients in later processes should be multiplied by the respective multipliers to get months, days and Ghatis.

5. ADDITIONS FOR ASCENDANT'S CONTRIBUTION. If the Ascendant is strong the number of years equal to the Rāśis it has traversed should be added. Months etc. thereof should be guessed by rule of three method.

6. RECTIFICATIONS FOR PLANETARY CONTRIBUTIONS. The contribution made by a planet, that is in Vargothama, own Sign, own decanate, or own Navāńśa should be doubled. If it is retrograde, or in exaltation the figure should be trebled.

7. If a planet's contribution gets doubled by virtue of position in own Sign, own decanate etc. (as per Sloka 6 above) and further warrants trebling by virtue of retrogression/exaltation, the trebling should also be done. So say the learned.

8. According to Chudamani Acharya, if a planet is in Angle contributions by each rectification shall be considered. If it is in Panaphara (2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th) only two multiplications be done. If it is in Apoklima (3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th) only one (i.e. the highest) should be taken.

9. According to Varaha Mihira, if many multiplications are warranted, only the highest be considered. But this view is not acceptable to ancestors.

10. REDUCTIONS FOR AMSAYURDAYA CONTRIBUTIONS. If a planet is in its inimical Sign, a third of the earlier (final) figure should only be taken. If it is combust in the Sun, only half need be computed. The contributions by Venus and Saturn do not suffer reductions on account of their combustion.

11-12. VYAYADI (CHAKRARDHA) HARANA. A malefic in the 12th loses all his contribution. If in the 11th half, in the 10th a third, in the 9th a fourth, in the 8th one fifth and in the 7th one sixth of the contribution suffers. Benefics in these places lose just half of what malefics lose. Further, if there are two, or more planets in one and the same House, only the strongest suffers reduction.

13-15. PINDAYU. In this system the planets from the Sun onwards through Saturn contribute, respectively, 19, 25, 15, 12, 15, 21 and 20 in their order, when they are in (deep) exaltation. From the longitude of the planet (for which the contribution is being computed) deduct its highest exaltation degree (counted from Aries first point). In case the minuend is greater than the subtrahend, then increase the former by 12 Signs i.e. 360 degrees). Multiply the latest product by the number of years allotted for the planet and divide by 12 to get years. Dividers for months equal to Amsas (or degrees i e. 30) and for days Vikalas (i.e. 60).

16. In the case of Pindayurdaya also the same multiplications and rectifications apply. Leaving aside a retrograde planet, one in inimical Sign loses a third, while the one in fall retains only half of the contribution. The planet in exaltation retains the entire contribution.

17. ASCENDANTAL CONTRIBUTION IN PINDAYURDAYA. If the Navāńśa Lagna Lord is strong, then the years contributed will equal the Navāńśas past, If, however, the Lagna Rāśi Lord is stronger, then the Rāśis past up to Lagna (counted from Aries) will be the number of years.

18-19. REDUCTION FOR RISING PLANETS. If malefics occupy the Ascendant, convert the Ascendant into degrees, minutes etc. Multiply this by the number of years contributed by the malefics in question. Then divide the product by 21,600. Respective products should be reduced from the earlier contributions of each of the malefics occupying the Ascendant. (This will be the net contribution by each malefic in case he occupies the Ascendant). If the malefics in Ascendant are aspected by the benefics suffice it to say half of the reduction need only be done.

20. NISARGA YURDAYA. In the Nisargayu scheme, the planets from the Sun to Saturn contribute 20, 1, 2, 9, 18, 20 and 50, respectively.

21. FULL SPAN OF LIFE. The full span of life (120 years and 5 days) will be enjoyed by the native, who has Pisces Ascendant with its 9th Navāńśa and Mercury in 25 degrees of Taurus, while others are in their deep exaltation points.

22. UNLIMITED LONGEVITY. Jupiter along with the Moon in Cancer identical with the Ascendant, Mercury with Venus in an Angle (or separately in Angles), while the rest are in the 3rd, 6th and 11th: One with this combination will enjoy a limitless life span.

23-24. SPAN OF FULL LIFE FOR VARIOUS ANIMALS. The full span of life of elephants and men are 120 years and 5 days. For horses it is 32 years, for goats etc. 16 years, for camels and donkeys 25 years, for cows and buffaloes 24 years and for dogs 12 years. Just as for the mankind, the longevity for the various animals can be computed. The computations should be done, as explained supra, multiplied by the figure representing full life span and divided by 120.

25. Only those, who consume wholesome diet, those, who are virtuous, those, who have good conduct and those, who conquer their senses will enjoy the longevity, as laid down by the sages.

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Exact Effects of Saturn in Various Rāśis or sign

Effects of Saturn in Various Rāśis

1-2. SATURN IN ARIES. If Saturn occupies Aries at the time of one's birth one will be miserable due to his vices and hard labor, be deceitful will hate his relatives, be blameworthy, garrulous, reprobated, poor, bad in appearance, ill-tempered, inimical to his people, will do base acts, be jealous and sinful.

3-4. If Saturn occupies Taurus at the time of one's birth, he will be bereft of wealth, be a servant, will speak undesirable words, be untruthful, will win the hearts of old women, will have bad friends, will be addicted to women, will serve other women, be not outspoken, will have strong sight, be related to numerous assignments and be a fool.

5-6. If Saturn occupies Gemini, one will contract debts and imprisonments, will toil, will have vanity in disposition will consecrate by hymns and prayers, be bereft of virtues, be always in hide-out, be libidinous, cunning, wicked and fond of wandering and of sports.

7-8. SATURN IN CANCER. If Saturn is in Cancer, one will possess a beloved wife, be devoid of wealth in boyhood, will suffer many diseases, be learned, motherless, soft-spoken, distinguished in acts, will always contract diseases, will trouble others, be inimical to relatives, crooked, be kingly in his mid-life and will enjoy growing pleasures.

9-10. SATURN IN LEO. If Saturn occupies Leo, one will be interested in writing and reading, be skillful, be disdained, devoid of virtues and wife, will live by servitude, be devoid of his own men and happiness, be interested in doing base acts, ill-tempered, be mad with (undue) desires, will carry loads, will toil hard and will have a wrinkled body.

11-12. SATURN IN VIRGO. If Saturn occupies Virgo at birth the subject will resemble a eunuch, be very crafty, will depend on others for food, be addicted to prostitutes, will have a few friends, be unacquainted with arts, be desirous of indulging in ugly acts, will possess sons and wealth, be indolent, helpful to others, will intent upon spoiling virgins and be cautious in his actions.

13-14. Saturn posited in Libra at birth indicates, that the subject will be rich, soft-spoken, will earn money and honours from foreign countries, be a king, or a scholar, will have his wealth protected by his relatives, be senior in the circle, will attain a high status owing to his gracious speech in an assemblage, be good and will join corrupt female dancers and prostitutes.

15-16. SATURN IN SCORPIO. If Saturn occupies Scorpio at birth, the native will be hostile, be crooked, affected by poison and weapons, very ill-tempered, miserly, egoistic, rich, capable of stealing others' money, averse to instruments played on festive occasions, malicious, very miserable and will face destruction, misery and diseases.

17-18. SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS. If Saturn occupies Sagittarius, one will be skillful in behavior, teaching, Vedic meanings, learning and denotation, (i.e. he will be best placed in these respects), be famous due to virtuous children, family profession and his own virtues, will enjoy excellent affluence in his old age, will speak less, will have many names and be soft in disposition.

19-20. If Saturn is posited at birth in Capricorn, the native will lord over the lands of others' females, will be endowed with Vedic knowledge, virtues and knowledge of many branches of fine arts, be excellent among his caste-men, be honourable, will respect others, be famous, be interested in bathing and decoration, will be skillful in performance, will live in foreign places, be courageous and be polite in behavior.

21-22. If Saturn is in Aquarius, the native will be a great liar, be eminent, be addicted to women and wine, be wicked, crafty, will fall prey to evil friendship, be very ill-tempered, be averse to knowledge, conversation and traditional law, be addicted to other women, be harsh in speech and will attempt at many undertakings.

23-24. SATURN IN PISCES. If Saturn occupies Pisces at birth, one will be fond of Sacrifices and arts, be chief among his relatives and friends, be calm, will have increasing wealth, be skillful in policy-making, be capable of diamond testing, be virtuous, modest and will later on acquire an authoritative position.

25-30. SATURN IN ARIES/SCORPIO IN ASPECT TO OTHERS. If Saturn occupies a Rāśi of Mars and is aspected by the Sun, one will be interested in agriculture, be very affluent, be endowed with cows, buffaloes and horses, be fortunate and industrious.

If Saturn is in Aries, or Scorpio and is aspected by the Moon, one will be fickle minded, base, will join mean and ugly women and be devoid of happiness and wealth.

If Saturn is in Aries, or Scorpio and is aspected by Mars, one will kill animals, be base, be a leader of robbers, be famous and be fond of (joining other) women, meat and wine.

If Saturn is in Aries, or Scorpio and is aspected by Mercury, one will be untruthful, not virtuous, will eat much, be a famous thief and be devoid of happiness and riches.

If Saturn is in Aries, or Scorpio and is aspected by Jupiter, one will be endowed with happiness, wealth and fortune, be a king's minister and be chief.

If Saturn is in Aries, or Scorpio and is aspected by Venus, one will be quite unsteady in disposition, very ugly, will join other women and courtesans and be bereft of pleasures.

31-36. SATURN IN TAURUS/LIBRA IN ASPECT TO OTHERS. Should Saturn be in a Sign of Venus and is aspected by the Sun, the native will be clear in speech, will lose wealth, be a scholar, will eat in other's houses and be weak in constitution.

If Saturn is in Taurus, or Libra and is aspected by the Moon, one will gain wealth through women, will be honoured by ministers of kings, be dear to women and be endowed with family.

If Saturn is in Taurus, or Libra and is aspected by Mars, one will be skillful in war preparations, but will be away from war, will speak much and be endowed with wealth and family.

If Saturn is in Taurus, or Libra and is aspected by Mercury one will always be jocularly disposed, be equal to a neuter, will serve females and be base.

If Saturn is in Taurus, or Libra and is aspected by Jupiter, one will share happiness and misery of others, will do others' jobs, be dear to people, charitable and industrious.

If Saturn is in Taurus, or Libra and is aspected by Venus, one will be happy on account of women and wine (i.e. will enjoy these), be endowed with gems, be very strong and be dear to the king.

37-42. SATURN IN GEMINI/VIRGO AND IN ASPECT TO OTHERS. If Saturn occupies a Rāśi of Mercury at birth and is aspected by the Sun, the native will be devoid of happiness and wealth, be virtuous, bereft of anger, will endure difficulties and be valorous.

If Saturn is in Gemini, or Virgo and is aspected by the Moon, one will be equal to a king, will possess a bright physique, will earn wealth and honour through women and will do women's jobs.

If Saturn is in Gemini, or Virgo and is aspected by Mars, one will be a famous boxer, be stupefied, will carry heavy loads and will possess an ugly body.

If Saturn is in Gemini, or Virgo and is aspected by Mercury, one will be rich, skillful in war, be a dance master, a skillful singer and an expert in arts.

If Saturn is in Gemini, or Virgo and is aspected by Jupiter, one will be trustworthy in the king's circle, will possess all kinds of (good) qualities, be liked by good men and will earn wealth through his virtues.

If Saturn is in Gemini, or Virgo and is aspected by Venus, one will be skillful in beautifying women, be a teacher of Yogas, or a saint and be dear to the fair sex.

43-48. SATURN IN CANCER IN ASPECT TO OTHERS. If Saturn occupies Cancer at birth and is aspected by the Sun, the native will lose his father in his very boyhood be bereft of wealth, wife and happiness, will eat bad food and be sinful.

If Saturn is in Cancer and is aspected by the Moon, one will be a source of evil to his mother, be wealthy and will be troubled by his co-born.

If Saturn is in Cancer and is aspected by Mars, one will enjoy king's wealth, be defective bodied, will possess gold and gems, be endowed with a family and will have a bad group of relatives and wife.

If Saturn is in Cancer and is aspected by Mercury, one will be hard-hearted, garrulous, will conquer his enemies, will show vanity and will do noble acts.

If Saturn is in Cancer and is aspected by Jupiter, one will be endowed with lands, houses, friends, sons, wealth, gems and wife.

If Saturn is in Cancer and is aspected by Venus, one is of a noble descent, but will be bereft of beauty, grace and happiness.

49-54. SATURN IN LEO IN ASPECT TO OTHERS. If Saturn occupies the Sun-owned Rāśi and is aspected by the Sun himself, the native will be devoid of wealth, happiness and nobility, will be a liar and a drunkard, will possess a bad physique, be a servant and be very miserable.

If Saturn is in Leo and is aspected by the Moon, one will enjoy abundant wealth, precious stones and women, be widely famous and be dear to the king.

If Saturn is in Leo and is aspected by Mars, one will everyday move from place to place, be unfortunate, will live in fortresses and hills, be base and be bereft of wife and sons.

If Saturn is in Leo and is aspected by Mercury, one will not be outspoken, be lazy, poor, will do females' jobs, be dirty and miserable.

If Saturn is in Leo and is aspected by Jupiter, one will be chief and rich in his town, or among his men, will be endowed with progeny and be trustworthy.

If Saturn is in Leo and is aspected by Venus, one will be averse to women, be splendourous, slow (or tardy), happy, rich and will attain a good end.

55-60. SATURN IN JUPITER'S RASHI AND IN ASPECT TO OTHERS. If Saturn occupies Sagittarius, or Pisces at birth, in aspect to the Sun the native will be the father of others' children and through these children he will attain wealth, name, fame and honour.

If Saturn is in Sagittarius, or Pisces and is aspected by the Moon, one will be bereft of mother, will have two names and be endowed with wife, children and wealth.

If Saturn is in Sagittarius, or Pisces and is aspected by Mars, one will be troubled by windy diseases, will dislike people, be sinful, mean, blameworthy etc.

If Saturn is in Sagittarius, or Pisces and is aspected by Mercury, one will be equal to a king, be happy, be a preceptor, be honourable, rich and fortunate.

If Saturn is in Sagittarius, or Pisces and is aspected by Jupiter, one will be a king, or equal to a king, or a minister, or an Army chief and be free from all kinds of danger.

If Saturn is in Sagittarius, or Pisces and is aspected by Venus, one will have two mothers and two fathers, will live in forests and hills, will be unsteady and be endowed with many kinds of assignments.

61-66. SATURN IN OWN HOUSE IN ASPECT TO OTHERS. If Saturn is in Capricorn/Aquarius and is aspected by the Sun, he will be sick, will have an ugly wife, will eat other's food, be miserable, wandering in nature and will carry loads.

If Saturn is in Capricorn, or Aquarius and is aspected by the Moon, one will be fickle-minded, untruthful, sinful, will not have good terms with his mother, be rich and be sorrowful due to wandering.

If Saturn is in Capricorn, or Aquarius and is aspected by Mars, one will be very valorous, famous, be superior among great men and sharp.

If Saturn is in Capricorn, or Aquarius and is aspected by Mercury, he will carry loads, be clouded in mentality (or Tamasik in disposition), be good-looking, wandering-natured, learned, be not quite wealthy and be fortunate.

If Saturn is in Capricorn, or Aquarius and is aspected by Jupiter, one will be famous for his good qualities, be a king, or be of royal scion, long-lived and be free from diseases.

If Saturn is in Capricorn, or Aquarius and is aspected by Venus, one will be rich, addicted to other women, fortunate, happy and will enjoy food and drinks.