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Spiritualism refers to the divine and religious aspects of life, death, re-incarnation etc. The studies of Indian spiritualism centers around the "Soul" or the "Brahma" which is supposed to be an inseparable part of the "Absolute God" or the "Param Brahma."

Man is divine by birth. The inherent divinity of a man is written large on a child's innocent and guileless face. At this stage he has no religion, no caste, no bias, no jealousy and man is just God like. Love is the only language he understands. As he grows and socializes he interacts with his family and people around him.

Gradually develops some norms, ethics and principles, which we call his 'Sanskar'. As he develops these norms the ignorance gets covered up and they govern his actions. The ideal goal of life, according to scriptures, is no doubt, our spiritual development. Good sanskar lead to this spiritual enlightenment.

In this modern world of Technology the society is undergoing a drastic change. This does not mean that we should forget our traditions, Cultural values and norms. We should walk along in the modern world with disciplined culture. And try to root out all the evils from the society. But this is only possible if the entire individual have purity of thought and inner peace.

If you have any question or query regarding the spiritual aspects of life like birth, death, re-incarnation, etc. you can ask us. Your queries will be answered by the "Realized Soul", who is supposed to have experienced the real truth of life and who has possessed supernatural power in him.