Sachin Tendulkar will make 50 century : prediction by horoscpe

India's greatest batting sensation

The birth of India's greatest player in cricket, Sachin took place in Leo Navmansh Of Scorpio lagna (ascendant). The lord of ascendant Mars is exalted in 3rd house. The 5th house lord Jupiter who is significance of intellect, religion and popularity is creating Neechbhang Rajyoga.

In 2nd house, lord of 9th house Moon is present in Sagittarius along with Rahu. Rahu and Ketu are also forming Kaal Sarp Yog. These combinations are instrumental in taking Sachin to heights of fame and popularity. This is also significater for honor and fortune.

The Mars situated in 3rd house has joined Jupiter who is lord for sports and has rendered skills to understand stokes of new kind and artistic use of wrist to make him world's most acclaimed batsman.

The mutual aspect of 9th lord Moon with Ketu situated in 8th house in Sachin's horoscope has helped him to bat with concentration. Saturn who is lord of 3rd and 4th houses is situated in 7th house in Taurus.

Jupiter's aspects on 7th, 9th aspects on his own sign on 4th house and on ascendant have preserving batsman who is capable of prevailing upon bowless.

The lord of 10th house Sun who is exalted in 6th house and joining there with enemy Venus and aspect of Mars from 3rd house have always kept the opposing bowlers bowed before him and established him on greatest heights in world of cricket.

The debilitated Mercury situated in 5th house created hurdles in Sachin's education but Mercury's aspect on 11th house on Virgo has rendered him wealth.

Sachin horoscope has Kulik Kaal Sarp Yog that has caused him health problems.

Ketu situated in Gemini causes problems of nerves. If Sachin arranges remedies for few adverse planets then he will not have face problem concerning his body.

Due to Kulik Kaal Sarp, he may have to spend on his health but he will earn wealth and honor. However second half of native's life has problems. Few natives suffer from nerves disorder due to financial losses. Natives suffer from theft' lawsuits and diseases of throat, eyes, ears, nose, bones etc. Such natives earn tremendous wealth from all corners of world and live a long life. However planetary transits may cause variations in these results.