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Solar Fire 6 DeluxeNew Addition Description provided by Esoteric Technologies – the developers of Solar Fire Solar Fire – A favorite of Astrologers world-wide. Why the loyal following? As soon as you start Solar Fire up, you'll see! It all begins at Solar Fire's main screen, which makes the most of Windows visual and easy-to-use environment. Immediately you feel a certain calm and order, a restful respite from information overload. And yet, somehow, it's all there. You can immediately see the current state of the program, what charts and options are currently selected and every one of the huge array of program functions is accessible from this deceptively simple main screen's menu bar. How did such awesome power get crammed into so simple and easy an interface? The secret is consistency, and thoughtful, careful planning. The data files that Solar Fire uses are simple, straightforward and, most important, similar to each other. This means that once you learn how to select an aspect set, for example, selecting any of the myriad of other options is pretty obvious. This simplicity makes it easy to learn Solar Fire simply by nosing around with the mouse. Bomb-proof and robust, Solar Fire makes it hard for even determined klutzes to do damage. You can always hit the F1 key for help with what you're currently doing, and you can gracefully get out of anything by clicking "Cancel" or "Exit" or "Quit." This is why users continue to rhapsodize about the "flow" of Solar Fire, about how it makes casting and reading charts more pleasant and easy than they had ever dreamed. Entering the place, zone, latitude and longitude also couldn't be simpler, because the release version of Solar Fire 5 comes with the ACS US and International atlas on disk. Just type in the data and place and latitude, longitude and time zone are automatically looked up for you. Once saved, a chart is simple to find, because of a number of thoughtful touches. You can group charts into any number of files – files for you, your family, your first-time clients, your ongoing clients, your research projects or books. In addition to the file name, you can write an 80-character description of what's in the file; this appears on the screen to jog your memory each time the file is selected. Even though a file can contain over a thousand charts, you can locate a chart quickly by typing the first few letters of the name, or re-sorting the file into various alphabetical orders, by date of birth, or by when the chart was added to the file. And if you don't remember which file a chart is in, no problem – Solar Fire will look for the chart in all your files at once. Files are easily reorganized by moving, copying, deleting and editing charts. Plus, for every chart you store, you can keep unlimited comments that you can read and edit whenever the chart is selected. And now the feature many of you have been waiting for – a planet search. You can search through your chart files one at a time to discover charts with similar features. You can look for planets in the same signs, house, aspects and/or position. Solar Fire makes it all so easy and the results are fascinating. Customize as you wish. Without distracting you with a maze of icons and options, Solar Fire manages to provide vast possibilities for customization. By a simple method of selecting data files, you can quickly change the planets, the aspects and orbs, the element/quality weighting, the rulership scheme, the interpretation texts, and the fixed stars and Arabic parts that are used. You have tremendous latitude for change: different applying and separating orbs for different classes of planets; different aspect sets for natal, transiting and progressed use; different displayed points for certain charts (so, for example, you could look at a chart with, and then instantly without, the asteroids). And if you can't use any of the choices that are already there, Solar Fire has all kinds of ingeniously powerful but easy-to-use editing screens where you can make precisely the changes you need. Wheels, plain and fancy. Solar Fire lets you change the appearance of the charts. You can assign any color that your computer screen offers to each individual planet, sign and aspect type. You can pick unusual fonts for the birth data and "Compliments of" text. And you can pick from an exciting new array of wheels, from maximally readable to maximally colorful and exotic. In case none of these wheels suit you, Solar Fire has a unique, innovative Wheel Editor that lets you easily design your own. Let's face it: most of us don't need 200 wheels, we just need a few that we like. Using the Wheel Editor, you can have the fun of changing the size and number of circles and charts on each wheel, the line style, cusp style, placement size and type style and dozens of other attributes, and really create the wheel of your dreams. The neatest thing about it is that you can see the changes take place as you make them. No waiting and no unpleasant surprises! Wheels you can really read! Few of us can afford a 20-inch monitor. On the modestly-sized monitors most of us have, wheels are easily readable only if they fill up the full height of the screen. The wheels in Solar Fire do this, while at the same time making it easy to switch instantly back and forth between other charts or aspectarians simply by hitting an arrow key. You can also switch to sorts and listings with a simple mouse click. Even on a simple VGA display (SVGA is nice but not needed), the wheels are splendidly sharp and clear. And of course they always print out at the highest resolution of your printer – in crisp black and white on a laser or other monochrome printer, or in vibrant color on one of the inexpensive color inkjets. You can also choose from an array of page designs to suit your needs. Take your pick from a range of high-quality page layouts or design your own page complete with unique wheels, reports and even your own logo. You can find a page to suit your needs whether you are a horary, medieval, psychological or esoteric astrologer! Astrological publishing has never been this easy. The richness of Solar Fire's options and the beauty of its output are surely triumphs. But perhaps the most satisfying thing is the pleasantness and simplicity you'll experience day after day as you do the often-repeated tasks. Something For Everyone Predictive astrologers can make sense of mountains of timed hits, thanks to Solar Fire's Time Map graphs, graphical ephemeris and its great sorting capabilities. Besides sorting timed hits in the usual chronological order, you can sort with the slowest-moving transits first. Or group natal points to see how each is affected by transits during the period. Or put exact and leaving hits upfront with the entering hit to see the whole course of each transit as it starts. Or sort transits, progressions, directions, ingresses, stations and eclipses into separate sections. Dynamic lists have the same advanced options (tertiaries, minors, quotidians, Bija correction, etc.) as individual charts, and there's a full selection of return charts, including precession-corrected and converse. Relationship counselors will be fascinated by what the multi-person composite charts (of up to 15 people) and four-chart dials reveal about groups. A synastry grid with orbs let's you quickly spot the issues. Students of astronomical cycles will like the ingress, lunar-phase, rise/set, and return charts. Returns can be for any planet or asteroid, or to any specified point in the zodiac, and you can do a whole string of returns automatically from one input. You can also find ingresses and eclipses in the dynamic search option, and can create custom ephemeris pages for any period in history. Traditional astrologers will enjoy the unique dignities editor in Solar Fire which enables you to explore the world of medieval astrology with a unique almuten and dignity editor. You can set the editor and produce your own set of ancient calculations from a simple Essential Dignities score to a more complicated Chart Almuten. Traditional astrologers will also enjoy the Arabic Parts Editor which lets you add any A+B-C factors with accompanying keywords. Factors can be planets, house cusps, rulers, dispositors, other parts, the prenatal lunation or any specified degree in the zodiac. Likewise, the Fixed Star Editor lets you add traditional star meanings to those already in the program. Needless to say, there's also a horary page with full Lilly-style dignities, almutens of houses, planetary hours, and the day or night Part of Fortune. You can also explore the world of Primary Directions with Ptolemy's method. All of these methods in the one program make Solar Fire very enticing for the medieval astrologer. Esoteric astrologers can work with esoteric and hierarchical rulerships, ray interpretations, and the esoterically important planet Vulcan. You can also enjoy a range of new esoteric planets. Students of prenatal charts can use 18 kinds of prenatal chart, including Bailey and Jayne-type charts for conception and quickening. Heliocentric, sidereal and draconic astrologers can use these options in virtually any chart, and can display charts in the different frameworks on the same multi-wheel. Cosmobiologists and Uranians will love the Cosmobiology dials in Solar Fire complete with pointers, as well as the ability to do transits to midpoints and watch the mid-points transiting. You can also do midpoint sorts, lists and trees in any modulus, and can include the Aries Point along with Uranian planets. You can also adapt the Arabic Parts Editor to do Uranian A+B-C pictures. Writers and editors can easily send both graphics and text to word processing and DTP programs. Wheels and aspectarians come out beautifully sharp as Windows Metafiles, and keep their clarity at any size. Listings and interpretations come out as text, which you can edit and format just like any other text. Professionals can send some or all of the 20-odd pages of interpretations on each chart to a word processor as a starting-point for an individualized written interpretation. They can also rewrite the text database itself. Novices will find the point-and-click interpretations a delightful way to learn.


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