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Portable Vedic Astrology Software Prophet 2008

MapInfo MapXtreme 2008 6.8 | 125 MB

MapInfo MapXtreme can put mapping applications into the hands of anyone with access to a web browser. With a simple click, customers can see their wireless coverage area, find the closest drug store or get driving directions to their next sales calls. And network engineers can visually spot disruptions in their network - automatically notifying customers of service outages. MapInfo MapXtreme enables organizations to visualize and analyze data to discover new relationships and trends not apparent using traditional methods, such as spreadsheets and reports.

MapInfo MapXtreme 2008 is a major release of MapInfo's industry leading location-based development environment. MapXtreme 2008 enables the creation of custom mapping applications or map enablement of applications and solutions in Windows desktop and web environments.
MapXtreme provides developers and users with the following benefits:
Provides a single offering for the development of location-based or location-enabled Windows based applications for deployment on the web or desktop.
Application development made easy through MapInfo's seamless integration with the Visual Studio.NET Development Environment, extending it's capabilities to include location.
Providing true interoperability through compliance with both geospatial and IT industry standards.
Incrementally feature rich developer tool that allows development of applications with previously unseen complexity and flexibility.