Matchmaker database source code free download

MatchMkr Database Source Code

Here is public domain source code written using Access 2000 that any would-be programmer/astrologer can use as the core for a match-making service. If you are interested in helping people find better partners in their relationships, then this software is for you. It is virtually the same software I use at my website for my match-making service. The software features dual cosmodyne analysis and makes it easy for you to determine which couples have the highest harmony between them. This source code uses the Astrodienst Swiss Ephemeris (click here) to do all planetary calculations. Please see Astrodienst's web page for the details of the Swiss Ephemeris license (click here) and other documentation.

MatchMkr_DB contains the ability to calculate natal data for each person in the database, then to compare each man/woman with each woman/man according to the dual cosmodyne technique and generate a report and set of e-mail addresses so that all matched people can be informed of their matches. Since this is free source code, there is currently no automatic atlas feature in the program. Get longitude, latitude, and time zone data from Astrodienst Time Zone Atlas.

Download the main files in the .zip file below:

Download MatchMkrDB.ZIP, roughly 175K, 10 May 2003. Once downloaded, simply unzip, and copy into the directory of your choice - there is no installation program (this program DOES require Access 2000). The data contained in this program is fictitious. Delete and use your own data.

If you have never downloaded and unzipped my AstroSrc program or my EphemDB program, then you will also need to download the Swiss ephemeris files. Unzip this file into your MatchMkr_DB directory after installing the above (or copy the four files from your AstroSrc directory or your EphemDB directory into your MatchMkr_DB directory).

Download SwEphem.ZIP, 2,057,685, 20 Apr 2003. Swiss ephemeris files.
Instructions for use.


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