Learn the techniques of mundane astrology

If the birth horoscope of a country is available, it is the most important data to be used. Yearly horoscope cast on the basis of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (beginning of the Hindu New Year in the month of Chaitra, usually in April, on the first moon phase, pratipada tithi, in the waxing or shukla phase) gives very accurate results. Monthly solar ingress charts should be read together with the annual horoscopes. These points must also be analyzed:- The eclipse axis covered in a nation's or an important individual's horoscope (prime minister) - the afflicted house from the ascendant cast for the beginning of the eclipse,- the aspect of transit Mars on the eclipse point- the planets involved in the eclipse and their results,- a six month period from the time of solar eclipse and three months time from the time of lunar eclipse The horoscope cast on the basis of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada has been the basis of all the successful astrologers of India and any other basis has been misleading. The Gregorian New Year has been the basis of some astrologers, but it is based neither on any solar ingress chart nor on any lunar tithi. On the other hand, predictions given on the basis of some well-known conjunctions and oppositions like Saturn and Jupiter between 1989 and 1991 brought about many changes in the world, including the re-unification of Germany and the collapse of the USSR. They are well-known. Similarly, Saturn and Mars's conjunctions and oppositions have been a very sound basis for the predictions of astrologers all over the world.


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