Terrorism in India

Terrorism in India - An Astrological Viewpoint

In the first week of November, my astrological research made me see an imminent terrorist attack in Mumbai after 12th Nov and today as I’m watching the events unfolding on television, it pains me no end. So I’m sharing with you all what I’ve learnt from my astrological analysis.

Terrorism all over the world is getting out of control and I don’t see any end to it in the near future. Thinking of which my astrological study shows chances of terrorist attacks after 12th Dec 2008 in the Indian State of Karnataka (Bangalore City) and in Rajasthan (Jaipur, Jodhpur) in Feb 2009. I hope that Indian Security system remains most vigilant in these cities to protect human lives and our famous temples, buildings and markets from becoming easy targets of World Terrorism.

God bless Humanity.