Predicting happiness from the childrens in mid age and old age

Saturn mahadasha began in 1979. He has two sons and one daughter. Towards the end of 1986 he and his wife came to me. Now apply the three parameters (see yesterday's article):1. The 5th lord, Saturn, is aspected by the retrograde 6th lord (Jupiter) which is why there is so much hostility between him and his children. 2. The 12th lord (expenditures), Mercury, is conjoined with the 5th lord (children, education). He has spent a fortune on excellent education for his children in foreign countries like UK and USA. 3. The 2nd lord (Mars) in the 10th house aspects the 5th house aggravating the hostility of his children towards him. For Indian society the behavior of his children is outrageous. The first son is a smuggler and could be arrested at any time. He lives with a married woman fifteen years senior to him in age. The daughter is living together with a rich parasite of a well known family and does not want to marry. The third son suddenly gave up an excellent academic career and took to wild habits. All this started happening in the dasha of the 5th lord, Saturn, and reached a climax in the sub-period of Mars. The father himself had to stay out of India because there were warrants of arrest for him for violations of many laws of the land. Sufferings come most in the dasha of the yogakaraka, particularly the 5th lord, whose duty is to divert your attention from the worldly to the spiritual. But it was too late for him. As a fond father he had hoped that he would raise wealth in illegal ways for his children who had been frittering it away. reprinted with permissionNotes from Vaughn PaulIn this example, the 5th house has two malefic aspects, Saturn (3rd aspect) and Mars (8th aspect), and one benefic aspect from Jupiter (9th aspect). However, Jupiter is also a temporal malefic as the 6th lord and retrograde as K.N. Rao emphasizes here. Saturn is the 5th lord and also becomes the 5th lord from the Moon, chandra lagna, which reinforces the area of children as the focal point during the Saturn dasha. From the dasha lagna, Saturn, Mars becomes the 5th lord, debilitated in the malefic 8th house.


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