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MB Free Tarot Pro Software is the ultimate resource for anything related to tarot. This is a combined tarot reading, learning and dictionary software. This program not only gives you a descriptive and accurate tarot reading but also encourages users who are interested in this form of divination to learn how to read tarot cards by explaining the meanings of different cards and keywords. The accompanying tarot dictionary software consists of a vast collection of tarot related words that make the learning and testing process easier.

This is a great esoteric tool for both amateurs as well as experts. This software also helps you improve your intuitive skills thus making you more sensitive to the unexplored psychic realm.

MB Free Tarot Pro Software consists of three parts:

1. Tarot Reading:

Tarot cards have been used for fortune telling for ages and have remained popular ever since. They are seen as a means of getting in touch with the spiritual world. The default deck on MB Free Tarot Software is the Rider-Waite Deck.

2. Tarot Tutor:

MB Free Tarot Pro Software also includes an educational tool for learning the basics of tarot card reading. This program uses the Rider Waite Deck. The program also includes a Goal Reminder which helps the user set goals that he intends to accomplish and keep reminding him about them.

The program can be used to memorize different meanings and keywords of the different cards as well as test the user’s knowledge. As newer and more sophisticated decks are being designed, it is very difficult for a novice to understand the basics unless guided in the right direction. Only then can one develop a keen interest and improve his intuitive skills.

3.Tarot Dictionary:

MB Free Tarot Pro Software includes an extensive collection of words related to the tarot methodology of divination. This includes the meanings of different spreads, decks, cards, symbols and other esoteric meanings. All terms have been clearly explained in simple language thus making it a useful resource for novices as well as experts. This FREE online tarot dictionary is a very useful guide for easy and immediate reference. This explains the basics thus making tarot an interesting topic of discussion. This is the ultimate glossary for everything related to the realm of tarot reading.

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