an introduction to nadi astrology: a devine form of astrology

History of Nadi Astrology

The source point of Nadi Astrology leaves can be traced back to approximately more then 2000 years. It is said that the Seven Maharishis (sages) Agasthya, Kausika, Vyasa, BoharBrigu, Vasishtha and Valmiki had predicted and then written life of each individual on leaves of a palm tree by their spiritual powers. These Nadi leaves were initially stored in the premises of Tanjore Saraswati Mahal of Tamilnadu State in India. The British rulers later showed interest in the Nadi leaves concerned with herbs and medicine, future prediction etc; but ironically left most of the Nadi prediction leaves to their loyal people. Some leaves get destroyed and some very auctioned during the British rule. Some Nadi leaves were anyhow possessed by the families of astrologers in Vaitheeswarankoil from Tanjore Saraswati Mahal Library. At about 13th century these leaves were rediscovered by the forefathers which were lying unclaimed in Vaitheeswarankoil and realized their tremendous value and created the copies of the predictions on the palm leafs and created them their exact duplicates. Then these Nadi leaves were passed down from generation to generation make predictions, astrologers earn their lively hood from them. It has become profession which was provided by their ancestors to them, the son got trained by his father and the father by his father to make Nadi predictions. The prediction written on the leaf is in ancient Tamil in form of poems, same as language used in ancient temple of Tamilnadu.