vastu consultation for making money

Keep a laughing budha diagonally opposite the main entry of the house at a height of 4-5 feet. It can be placed in other rooms as well opposite the door. But be careful; there are different kind of laughing budha available in the market, all are used as a remedy for various purposes. As a practicing Vastu/ Feng shui consultant, more than 90% of people call me for money problems therefore you should use laughing budha with money bag on his shoulder; a begging bowl with a gold ingot in it. It should be silver or golden in color or may be multicolored. It is advised that it should be tickled everyday on it’s belly. Ps The size does not matter at all.

Your main door should always open inside your house, if it opens outside you may face wasted opportunities; lack of income/ energy/ growth etc. If it is not possible then make it a double panel door.

To promote positivity use eight rod wind chimes and to absorb negativity use five rod wind chimes. This is a general rule till year 2024.