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File Menu - Horoscope

Select the menu option "Horoscope" from "File" menu to input the birth details of a horoscope. The screen will be as follows

Required details are given below.

  • Name : This field is to input the Name of a person.

  • Sex : This radio button is to set the sex of person. The gender based predictions of a horoscope are based on this sex field. M = Male and F = Female.

  • Date of Birth : This field is to input English style, DD/MM/YYYY format birth date. The Convert Malayalam Date button can be use to convert Malayalam style date to English style.

  • Time of Birth : This field is to input English style, HH: MM: SS AM/PM format birth time. The Convert Malayalam Time button can be use to convert Malayalam style Nazika : Vinazika to English style HH: MM: SS AM/PM format time.

  • Place of Birth : For the computation of horoscope, Latitude and Longitude and Time Zone of birth place is also required. To serve this, a database of more than 4000 places around the world is also added with this software. You can choose the birth place from Country/State list and District list. To get the list click on the down arrow, marked as red on the left side of the Country/State list and District list and type the starting letters of the place as follows.

This will select the Latitude, Longitude and Time Zone of a place for the computation of Horoscope

  • Ayanamsa : The is the correction time of the Zodiac when the sun moves from the first point of the Aries to the last star of Pisces which is Revati. Each year when the sun reaches the final point of the zodiac star revati it is found that 50.3 seconds farther away from the earth when compared to last year at the same point. The distance between first point where the zodiac commences and till the last point revati is called as Ayanamsa. The Hindu Vedic system takes the aynamsa into calculation for generating the horoscope. The western Astrology follows the moving Zodiac which is known as Sayana.

  • The different types of Aynamsa are;
  • N C Lahari, also known as Chithra-Paksha-Ayanamsa
  • B V Raman
    • Update background page : Uncheck this check box in slower computers to disable the background page updating feature to speedup calculations.

    • [Advanced] button of Place of birth.
    • [Import] button
    • [Options] button
    • [OK] button : Press this button for getting the entire contents of Horoscope.