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Relationship with Pakistan - there will be no war. As usual diplomatic speeches, plus there will be border tensions and infiltration of terrorists, mass death due to the attacks. On the positive side more road links, other forms of diplomacy and increase in trade, bilateral and cooperation .betterment with Pakistan in diplomacy level will increase.-TRUE

  • The stability of UPA government- I was probably one of the astrologer to say that UPA will survive for a couple of years. Many leading astrologer have given dates and kept on postponing. One of the astrologer in Delhi who is very popular has given June 2006 as the dead line. He has given many dates before that. In any case Sonia will see some more smooth sailing.-TRUE

  • UPA government will survive. At most some kind of ministerial shakes ups will be there. Till Sep there will not be even major problems with the left. Once Saturn moves into simha there can some problems in and around Sep 2006, more towards the year end.

  • The opposition BJP will be taken over by the younger face but the transition will not be very smooth and they will be more disarray than unity.-TRUE

Stock markets-

The economy will do well. More than 8% GDP growth will be reached. The market can even touch 11,000 before the year end. Most of the time the market will hover around well over the 7000 mark. TRUE

  • The value of the rupee-

Rupee will be continue to moderately strong the range of 43-45 will be the range most of the time TRUE

  • Gold prices will come down and then again it will peak up.-TRUE

  • Prices of essential commodity will have marginal inflation. As such food products will show slight price increase. Interest rate will go up in India in marginal way. FED will hike the interest rates.

  • Foreign reserves in India will increase, be positive and the government will ease up the restriction in a positive manner for foreign currencies regulations.

  • Oil-markets will bleed. there will be increase in prices with the government taking tighter stand. It can even touch 70 dollars per barrel and then it will come down. If you have long terms perspective then this sector is ok. If it is yearly then do not enter the segment or play bearish.-TRUE

  • Sectors:-

This is very important area for the public in general.

  • Automobile- all leading players will do well. The two wheelers will be penetrating the lower segment of people. The major two wheeler makers will laugh all the way to the bank. All the major companies will register higher growth. -TRUE

  • Auto ancillaries, continue to do very well. Shares and quarterly profit will touch all time in these sectors. Tyres will have only very marginal growth and it can even dip further in the bourses. -TRUE

  • Cars- many Indians will be first time car owners. There will be a boom in the car market which will be indicated with as a separate story. High end cars will show slow growth. Ford cars in Maraimalainagar will need to do some vastu alterations to make its place profitable. As far as four wheeler segment is concerned, Maruthi will still hold the sway. The other companies in the lower end and beginning segment of the market will also do well. The high end segment car will register ordinary growth only.-TRUE


there will be increase computerization in the banks, new models of revenues and new products will work out. Many banks will aggressively position themselves on an end to end solution. Most of the banks will be in blue or brown which ever is the color of the profit

  • PSU- the same story of left blocking moves of the government which wants to sell the stake to the market will be there. Some flexibility in going for public will be there for some companies. As such no major changes.