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graphic General Details
graphic Lagna Kundli
graphic Planetary Positions
graphic Shodashvarga Kundlis
graphic Lagna Kundli Hora Kundli
graphic Drekkana Kundli
graphic Chaturthamsha Kundli
graphic Saptamamsha Kundli
graphic Navamamsha Kundli
graphic Dashamamsha Kundli
graphic Dwadashamamsha Kundli
graphic Shodashamsha Kundli
graphic Vimshamsha Kundli
graphic Chaturvimshamsha Kundli
graphic Saptavimshamsha Kundli
graphic Trimshamsha Kundli
graphic Khavedamsha Kundli
graphic Akshavedamsha Kundli
graphic Shashtiamsha Kundli
graphic Bhav Table
graphic Bhav Chalit Chakra
graphic Sun Based Upagrahas
graphic Day Based Upagrahas(both Parashara & Kalidasa paddati)
graphic Bhinna Ashtak Varga charts for all planets.
graphic Ashtak Varga Total
graphic Ashtakvarga Shodhan
graphic Planet Maitri Chakra (Permanent, Temporal & Panchadha)
graphic Sudarshan Chakra
graphic Planet Karakas (3 groups)
graphic Planetary Avasthas (6 groups)
graphic Nav Tara Chakra
graphic Planetary Aspects Table
graphic Plant drishti Table
graphic Shani Sade Saati Table
graphic Shadbala
graphic Vimshottari Dasha (Mahadasha)
graphic Vimshottari Pratyantara Dasha (For the running period)
graphic Tribhagi Dasha Yogini Dasha Shat Trimsha Dasha
graphic Predictions for 200+ Planetary yogas
graphic Results of planetary aspects
graphic Predictions based on the chart.
graphic Nakshatra based predictions
graphic Predicitions on Houses
graphic Predictions of placement of planets in houses.
graphic Varsha Kundli
graphic Birth Lagna Kundli
graphic Muntha Sign
graphic Muntha House
graphic Varsheshwar
graphic Planetary Positions Chart
graphic Patyayini Dasha
graphic Mudda Yogini Dasha
graphic Mudda Vimshottari Dasha
graphic Panch vargiya Planet Bala
graphic Dwadashvargiya Planet Bala
graphic Harsha BalaNavamsh Kundli
graphic Sun Base upagrahas
graphic Tripataki Charka
graphic 36 Sahams
graphic Dasha based predictions.
Marriage Match Making
graphic General Details
graphic Boy & Girl's Planetary Positions Chart
graphic Boy's Lagna Kundli
graphic Girl's Lagna Kundli
graphic Guna Match Table
graphic Manglik Analysis
graphic Guna Score Analysis.
Exclusive Features
graphic Easy to use - Fill in birth details like date, time and place in given fields and press generate to make the horoscope. Windows based visual graphical interface makes it easy to learn and use the software.
graphic Compatible with all printers - Compatible with all Windows based printers including Laser, Inkjet and Dotmatrix.
graphic Flexible - Change a few options to select different kinds of kundli styles, ayanamshes or make other modifications to the horoscope.
graphic Comprehensive - Has almost every thing an astrologer will need to give predictions for a native.
graphic Upgradable - An option to upgrade to the future versions of the software for a very reasonable price.
graphic HTML Export - Save the horoscope in HTML Format.
graphic PDF Export - Save the horoscope in PDF format.
graphic Send PDF Email as an attachement in local languages.
graphic Take Colour printouts of the horoscopes.
graphic Choice between Lahiri (Chitapakshiya), KP, BV Raman ans Sayan Longitudes.
graphic Choice between True and Mean motion of Rahu & Ketu.
graphic Generate Horoscopes for People born outside India.
graphic Copy Janma Kundli Details to a file and take to any computer with Horoscope Explorer.
graphic Print any page or make pre-defined modules to print the pages you want.
graphic Make horoscopes with special customisation for Northern, Eastern and Southern India. Horoscope Explorer Automatically decides what settings are appropriate depending on what region you select.