LAPIZ LAZULI semi precious stone used in astrology and jewellery


Lapis Lazuli is one of the first gemstones mentioned in the Bible, and is believed to protect its wearer from evil. Lapis contains the energies of royalty, wisdom, patience, truth, mental attainment, improved communication, contentment, artistic inspiration, personal integrity, loyalty, and illumination. Lapis is believed to attract good fortune, heighten concentration, clarity, and strengthen instincts. Lapis is said to promote success in love, encourage cheerfulness and self-confidence by providing a sense of wellbeing. Lapis advocates creative expression; helps in judicial matters; assists during time of mourning; releases tension, anxiety; and aids sleep. Lapis activates the thyroid gland; benefits blood circulation, childbirth, digestion, and feminine discomfort. Popular with ancient alchemists, Lapis was used in medicine, cosmetics, and paintings. Lapis is also believed to confer ability, success, divine favor, (ancient) wisdom, and cure sore throats. Lapis gives relief from pain, both physical and psychological, as well as combats cruelty and brutality. Lapis heals the martyr syndrome and aids discrimination of wisdom.
The quality of gemstone will be superb and Rates are for per carat.Supp