make prashan prashanam kundli to get answer of your question


Required details of "Prasnam" can be input through the "Prasnam Data In" dialog box.

  • Place of Birth : Set the place of Prasna in the Place of Birth fields to get the longitude and latitude of the Prasna place.
  • Prasna Time from system clock : Click this tick box to start the clock. This clock will update Date of birth and Time of Birth from the system clock. Switch off the clock at an appropriate time to stop the clock.
  • Aruda Rasi : This field is for setting the Aruda rasi.
  • Advanced button
  • Import button
  • Ayanamsa : The is the correction time of the Zodiac when the sun moves from the first point of the Aries to the last star of Pisces which is Revati. Each year when the sun reaches the final point of the zodiac star revati it is found that 50.3 seconds farther away from the earth when compared to last year at the same point. The distance between first point where the zodiac commences and till the last point revati is called as Ayanamsa. The Hindu Vedic system takes the aynamsa into calculation for generating the horoscope. The western Astrology follows the moving Zodiac which is known as Sayana.

  • The different types of Aynamsa
  • N C Lahari, also known as Chithra-Paksha-Ayanamsa
  • B V Raman
    • Click [OK] for getting the following data in a single page
    1. Shadvargas of all Palanets
    2. Thri Spudam and its Shadvargas
    3. Chathush Spudam and its Shadvargas
    4. Pancha Spudam and its Shadvargas
    5. Prana Spudam and its Shadvargas
    6. Mruthu Spudam and its Shadvargas
    7. Dhaha Spudam and its Shadvargas
    8. Sushmatri Spudam and its Shadvargas
    9. Lagnabhaskara Spudam and its Shadvargas
    10. Chithanya Spudam and its Shadvargas
    11. Aruda Spudam and its Shadvargas