Sri Gayatri yantra on copper plate : get every thing with this yantra

Sri Gayatri yantra on copper plate

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Sri Gayatri yantra helps sharpen your intellect and see everything with an enlightened mind. It promotes your overall well-being. By the use of this yantra, one cannot be affected by souls, spirits and is blessed with health, wealth and happiness. In case a house or man is afflicted by souls and spirits, the yantra after pooja should be dipped in water, and the water be sprinkled in house for a week, all spirits etc., will vanish. This yantra is very good for seeking divine help in studies and results.This Yantra is engraved on a square plate of pure copper and has been specially energised to radiate its beneficial powers. It can be placed in your temple at home, or in children study room. Embossed on copper plate. Size is 3"x3"


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