Generate horoscopes for people born outside India.

Generate horoscopes for people born outside India.
To generate horoscopes of people born outside India, Horoscope Explorer needs the following details.

To generate the horoscopes for people born outside India, one must have that country's Time difference from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), for e.g. the difference of Indian time from GMT is 5.30 hours.
The major countries of the world are already fed into the software, and the user can automatically access the GMT Difference for most countries by clicking on it's name in the list. If the Time difference is not provided for a country, the User must manually enter it's name and the time difference.
The city database contains the longitude and latitudes of most Indian towns. However the user must enter the longitudes of cities located outside Indian manually. To find out the longitudes you can buy a standard Atlas for the country, and refer to the list usually located in the end of the Atlas.
To generate the horoscope for a foreign born Native, fill in the country GMT Difference details, the longitude and the latitude and press Generate. If any of these details are not filled correctly, the generated horoscope will not be accurate.