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Planetcode software

  • Predictive data is comprised from timeless Vedic classics as well as modern astrological literature.
  • Astrologers can pickup relevant data related to persons age and other conditions examined.
  • Encompasses rich treasures of various schools of thought propounded by Vedic- scholars .
  • Extremely user-friendly with printout of charts, horoscopes and tables.
  • Reduces brain-twisting calculations to simple table look-up procedures by providing:-
    1. Dozens of tables regarding strengths of planets and analysis of Dasa-systems to find suitable periods.
    2. Picking up important planets (astrologers can follow every step) for every event.
    3. Detailed analysis of transits of planets with facilities of changing reference point (Prasna).
  • Yogas and conjunctions of planets are programmed in detail.
  • The program gives matter-wise predictions for favorable periods of events for persons of different birth-times.
  • This is done by evaluating House-wise importance of planets for all astrological houses related with particular matter.

    Matters examined includes acquisition of money, wealth land and houses,
    gains and losses in trade, industry, shares, and shared business-undertakings,
    recovery of money lost , missing things, debts and their repayments,
    construction or purchase of houses, vehicles and rewards from their sales, gains of inheritance ,
    speculative gains and losses in incomes, success or failure in litigation,
    tax cases or attachments by law, risky and dangerous periods, accidents and escapes from accidents,
    longevity, healing and cure of diseases, success in education, higher studies,and scholarships,
    gains in competitive examinations, job postings, promotions and transfers ,
    loss or change of jobs, intellectual gains ,success in interview, success in love affairs,
    possibility of marriage, birth of child , adoption of children or pets, separation ,divorce,
    remarriage , foreign travel, trips , assignments etc.

  • Runs on Windows 95,98,ME,2000,XP,Vista. Requires 256MB RAM.

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