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Register Your Software

Welcome to the registration page of Divination Softwares - follow the below steps to register the software.

How do I Register?

Method I:

Please follow the instructions given below to register your copy of the software.

  • Register yourself as a member of Mystic Board at

  • You *must* make at least 25 meaningful posts on the forum by taking part discussions or starting your own discussion

  • Once you have completed 25 posts (you can see the number of posts you have made under your profile) - email with the below details:

  • Your “System ID” (see screen shot below) – please remember that each System ID is unique for each machine.

  • The name(s) of the software

  • Your name - as you want it registered to.

  • Your’s Username

You will not receive your unlock code if you do not mention all four information mention above.

Please remember we are doing this as a hobby. and this is *NOT* our full time job. So after sending your system id. Please wait. Your unlock code will take anywhere between 1 day to 7 days to reach you. So please be patient.

We will then verify your’s Username and send you the Unlock Code.

Once you receive the unlock code, enter it to complete registration (see screen as shown above)

Click on Unlock.

Method II:

You can also opt to have a registered version by Donating funds on the board. Click on Donate to go to the donate page.

For further assistance & query email

Why should I register my copy of the software?

All Divination Softwares made by are 100% free for life. We can only keep developing newer softwares or maintain the current softwares – when you help contribute to the community – you can contribute in the following ways:

  • By taking part in the discussions on the message board at

  • Referring a friend to download the softwares

  • Linking to the message board from your webpage

  • Donating money to the forum.

Hence, we encourage you to register to have a faster start up of your program and reduce the delay in starting the software