astrological remedy by yantras


Each planet in astrology possesses a special energy pattern. A Yantra is the visible form of an energy body, represented by a Mantra. Two general types of Yantras exist:

(a) Numerical Yantras - wherein special significant numbers are inscribed, and
(b) Geometrical Yantras - based on specific geometrical designs.

Yantra should be frequently energized with the appropriate Mantras. They must be cleaned and empowered periodically like gemstones by the user. Yantras are less expensive than gemstones.

They can be more effective than gems if meditated upon with mantras. They possesses no side/harmful effects.

While there is a wide range of Yantras - each with a specific purpose, we at have focused on the four basic purposes of life and have selected those Yantras that address the fulfillment of desires in these four directions. According to Vedic teachings, the four basic purposes or goals of life are:

  • Pursuit of Dharma (Vocation)
  • Pursuit of Artha (Wealth)
  • Pursuit of Kama (Sensual Pleasures)
  • Pursuit of Moksha (Salvation)