Best time for marriage as per western astrology

My Perfect Wedding: If you are considering marriage, you are probably wondering about setting the date, and asking, "Which is the best Date? Is there really a date especially for me?" You would be right to ask!

An astrologer's guidance makes a crucial difference and provides the right information for the bride!

Weekend Choices, May to December, 2008, gives you a tool for coming closer to choosing the spiritually-correct date for your wedding. With an astrologer, you are choosing a date to portray the goddess herself: On that date you become a natural center, and from that center glows a certainty of Love. It shows in the pictures and your guests will talk about it for years. If ever there was a day for smiles and gratitude, it would be your wedding day. Harmony abounds and when your day is beyond perfect-moreover if- your own attitude is also directed to Venus' smiling image, you will acheive the blessing of the blissful bride.