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World's only multi-lingual software on Electional (Muhurat) Astrology.

With Muhurtha Explorer you can find the auspicious timings (Muhurthams) to perform all important activities and religious rituals. Muhurtha Explorer covers important topics like marriage, rituals for the child, education, business, finance, and many more topics.

118 Muhurthams
Find the auspicious timings for 118 important activities of life. Muhurtha Explorer will help yous select the best time as per Vedic Astrology for almost everything.

Works with Win98 Onwards
98, ME, XP, Vista
Flexible Muhurtham Generator
You can find a muhurat for a selected date range, or even check how auspicious a moment is for the selected task.

Muhurtha Explorer is the only software with the set of flexible Muhurtha finding tools.

The best Muhurtha Software
Muhurtha Explorer is the best Muhurtha (Electional Astrology) software in the market with unparalleled features.

Dual-Mode Muhurthas
Find out the best Muhurtha in a date range, or find out how auspicious is a particular time for a particular activity. Muhurtha Explorer is very flexible.

Complete Panchang Analysis
Muhurtha Explorer analyses the Panchang to rate the suitability of the time for a particular purpose. You will see the complete analysis of the Panchang for your task.

45 Day No Obligations Trial!
The trial version of Muhurtha Explorer has all the features except multiple languages.

Use it for 45 days, and buy it if you like it. Click here to download.
14 Categories
Birth rites, Education, Job, Financial, Business, Buy & Sell, Farming, Court affairs, Journey, Construction, Entering Home, Elections.

Supports 4 Ayanamsh, & 3 Kundali styles
Muhurtha Explorer supports 4 different Ayanamshes, and multiple kundali styles for all parts of India.

Export to PDF & Email
Export to PDF format and transport in a Pen drive. Or Email directly from inside Muhurtha Explorer to your clients and friends.

100% Easy to use
Muhurtha Explorer is extremely simple to use. Even people not very proficient with computers can use it.

download link : http://www.itbix.com/download/muhurtha.exe