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VKFS Natural Quartz & Minerals provides a wide assortment of Fengshui Cures and Enhancers including Crystals and jewelry. We also provide Quality Fossils for collection and scientific studies. These items contain great historical values which are an important part of evolution itself.

We strive regularly to make acquisition of unique Fossils and Decor available to clients from a broad spectrum with varying taste while keeping tradition
We are constantly trying to bring in new quality fossils and stay competitive in the market. Some fossils may be expensive because they are either rare or are collectors item. If there is a fossil which you are looking for and is not found on our website please send us an email and we will get back to you on its availability.

To a fossil collector, a fossil is just but a fossil and the only difference is the rarity of the fossil itself which are valued differently. To others with different cultures and beliefs a fossil is much more to them than just a mere object. Whatever the case may be, everyone has a right of choice in what they believe in.
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Minerals & Crystals

In Fengshui Natural Minerals & Crystals plays a vital part, it is one of the five element cycle. These are considered Earth elements and by placing these at the Earth sectors or Mountain Star 8 activates and enhances the sector to bring positive results. It is therefore always good to consult your Fengshui advisor as he/she will be able to reveal this information using the Flying Star formula. Placing the Earth elements at a wrong sector may upset the balance of "Chi" and may cause unnecessary problems.

Natural Minerals and Crystals have also been used for sculpturing lately; it is very commonly used in Fengshui as enhancers. Beautiful figurines such as Dragons, Horses and even religious figurines of Goddesses and Wealth Gods have been carefully and skillfully sculptured on these rocks. This adds to the potency to the already auspicious rocks and with the symbolic sculpturing involved, makes it an even more valuable asset as well as a house d├ęcor.

There is a section about crystals and minerals maintenance under "Basic Fengshui Activation" page, please read thru it as it is quite helpful.

A full write up on Minerals can be found in the book "Love is In the Earth" by Melody. This is a highly recommended book with plenty of information about the Mineral and Crystal world.