Free download kundli software full version in Bangla or bangoli

Visual transits lets you see planetary movement in a chart on the fly.
· See all kundlis on a single page using the Chat Navigator.
· Fast & Easy to use even by amateur computer users.
· Print your name on the front page of the Horoscope.
· Make 'Modules/Sets' of pages for printout to print only selected topics in a jiffy.
· Four types of Ayanamsh - Lahiri, Raman, KP & Sayan Rehu Ketu positions by Mean & True method.
· Editable database of Country & City Longitude & Latitudes
· Three types of Kundli Styles - Northern, Southern and Eastern
· Differing calculation depending for Northern and Southern India according to prevalent standards.
· Page designer for making own colour schemes.
· Save kundli in software.
· Print any topic, facility to make sets (modules) for printouts.
· Print on any printer including Laser, & Inkjet
· PDF Export & Directly Email Language horoscope thru the Internet.

· Over 250 Planetary Yogas & Results
· Detailed results of planetary conjunctions.
· Predictions on heads like Specific characteristics, Mental qualities.
· Physical attributes, Health, Education & Profession, Wealth & Inheritance, Marriage & Married life, Travel & Journeys, Lucky Stone Recommendation
· Predictions For Birth Nakshatra
· Predictions for Bhavas
· Results for placements of Planets in signs & Bhavas

Ghat & Avakhada Chakra Favorable & Unfavorable Points Planetary positions at birth time Lagna kundali Bhav Table & Chalit Kundali Chandra Kundali Shodash varga kundlis including Hora, Drekkana, Chathurathamsa, Saptamsha, Navamsha, Dashamsha, Dwadashamamsha, Shodashamsha, Vimshamsha, Cathurvimshamsha, Saptavimshamsha, Trimshamsha,Khavedamsha, Akshavedamsha, Shashiamsha.
Sun & Weekday based upgrahas (Parashara & Kalidasa) Ashtak Varga with Trikon Shodhan, Ekadhipatya Shodhan & Shodhya Pinda
Graha Maitri Chakra Sudarshan Chakra & Nav Tara Chakra Planetary Karakas of three varities (Sthira, Sapta, Ashta)
Planetary Avasthas of 6 varities Planetary Conjunctions & Aspects Parashari Aspects Shani Saadesati Shadbala
KP Planetary positions & Kundalis KP House Cusps
KP House planet significators KP Sub Lord significators KP Ruling Planets Jaimini Lagnas & Kundlis Jaimini Sphutas & Karakas Jaimini Aspects
Vimshottari Mahadasha and Pratyantara Dasha
Tribhagi Dasha & Yogini Dasha Shat Trimsha Dasha

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Horoscope Explorer is the world's best-selling Vedic Astrology Software. It can generate your Horoscopes (Janm Kundali), Give you Yearly Predictions (Varshaphala) and do Marriage Match Making (Vivah Milan) in 9 Indian languages.

Marriage Match Making
Detailed marriage Match analysis for the boy and the girl based on 36 Kootas.