How to do horoscope matching for marriage or compatibility

Horoscope matching

Horoscope matching is done in Hindus when two people are considering marriage and want to determine their compatibility. This report consists of the vedic birth chart of both the boy and girl and the matching report as per ancient Vedic principles and determines temperament compatibility, mutual love, strength of the marital bond, financial prosperity post marriage, progeny, sexual compatibility amongst other things

A very important factor considered when matching horoscopes is the position of Mars in the horoscope. This may make a person a Mangalik. A Mangalik must marry only another Mangalik. Marriage to a non Mangalik can result in death, disease or misfortune in several areas depending on the houses affected.

This analysis includes the birth chart of the girl and boy, both plus an analysis of the points they score in the above aspects, the total points assigned are 36, a score of less than 18 is considered low and marriage in not advisable between the couple. Even if the score is higher but one of them is a Mangalik but the other is a Non Mangalik, the marriage is not advisable.

The Vedas state that after marriage the husband and wife are treated as one. The destiny of one affects the destiny of the other. This makes it extremely important to study the possible fortunes and misfortunes resulting as the result of such a union. To ensure their health, wealth, happiness, success, peace of mind, their future growth & prosperity and quality of life, horoscope matching is imperative.

I use ancient Vedic principles to study & interpret two Horoscopes, analyzing them from every possible aspect necessary to that particular form of relationship.

My calculations and charts are generated by a computer but the inferences are entirely my own. I personally spend time going over each chart since this is a major responsibility, affecting the lives of people for years to come.

The Horoscope matching report includes the vedic birth chart of the boy and girl in PDF format. This birth chart has

  1. The birth ascendant or lagna, sun Sign, moon Sign and 'Nakshatra', of both - girl & boy or bride & groom.
  2. Birth Chart, 'Navamsha', 'Vimshotari Dasha' of both - girl & boy or bride & groom and basic matching of their Planetary Details.
  3. Matching of both horoscopes considering all important aspects and factors.
  4. Compatibility Analysis as per ancient Vedic norms, using the Guna or point system point system, totaling 36 points,
  5. I also consider Guna milan, that is the position of Moon sign wit respect to each other's Moon sign in the boy and girl's chart. If this is not auspicious, it can lead to misfortune.
  6. 'Mangal Dosha' Analysis (Manglik), including probability of 'Mangal Dosha', Effects/Results of 'Mangal Dosha', Cancellation of 'Mangal Dosha'.
  7. I can also tell you how to deal with Mangal dosha, there are ways with which a mangalik and a non mangalik can get married.
  8. Eventual recommendation on the possible success of the marriage and whether it is advisable to go ahead.