Yearly Horoscope Predictions : 2008 Libra through horoscope

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Yearly Horoscope Predictions : 2008 Libra

In summary, this year will be one of the best years for Libra born.. Specially so for those who are passing either, Saturn, Jupiter or Ketu’s major or sub periods.

If no remedies are done to correct the situation, then for those who are passing Rahu’s sub periods or Major periods this is a less promising period. When taken as whole this will be a fortunate year for all Libra born people.
Income and property;

Gain of wealth and the financial situation will improve. Gains through speculation and can earn through creative ability obtained through education. Will get profit from various sources. Gains of properties and the income position will improve and it is possible to gain profits from property related matters or transactions during this period. Purchase of new properties are also a possibility. You may even get a chance of getting a new vehicle or a property such as house or land.

Domestic Environment

Saturn transiting the 11th House can bring gains of money and property, marriage and domestic happiness. Gain of fame, position, promotion, honour and enjoyment with opposite sex. Sympathy from all and reward from the Government etc. Occasions like marriage, birth of son, new position and status can be expected. Rahu transiting the 5th house indicates love, gain and pleasure through children. Or for unmarried, many gainful love affairs. But Ketu transiting the 11th house can cause strained relations with close relations, elder brothers and with opposite sex partners.

For people with Rahus major or sub periods this could be a bit rough period, will have to leave on long journeys or overseas travels, incur heavy expenditure and bears ill will towards others. Loss of intelligence or and increase of enemies, may have to look for legal help if not careful about your actions.


Chest or stomach problems are likely of concern also a difficult period in regard to the health of children or close relatives such as parents.