How to predict lawyers writers and doctors

Writers, Lawyers and Doctors


The power of writing is always appreciated, it is supposed to the tough task. The department of writing usually demands higher mental ability, creativity, imagination and style. It is very well known that Bhathira Yoga should be there for a person to write. But there are other arrangements in the horoscope that can make a person a writer. For writing Sun helps by offering creativity, moon gives imaginative power; Mercury gives mental ability and style etc.

The lords of the 2nd, 5th and 9th houses are responsible for one to become a writer. The conjunction of Moon and Sun makes a person a famous creative writer, they write poems, dialogue, story and lyrics for movies. Furthermore this is called Amavasya Yoga and if benefics are found in 12th and 2nd house to the conjuncted Sun and Moon, then it is termed as Thuruthra Yoga. By this yoga the skill of writing of the native will be more pronounced. That too if the Moon is placed in Cancer or Taurus the yoga gets more strength, furthermore if aspected by Jupiter it is still fine. Such a native will become familiar by writing and earn more in that profession of writing.

The conjunction or the opposition of Saturn with Moon makes the native as a novel writer. They write forever, get money by writing as well. The best arrangement for a writer is the placement of the 9th lord in the 5th house. They can become familiar by their writing. The placement of the lord of the fifth house with the aspect of Mercury, Jupiter and Moon makes the native a writer.

If the second house aspects the fifth house followed by the exaltation of the lord of the fifth house is also a writer. The mercury retrograde in the natal chart also makes the native a writer, but this writer always rewrites many times before publishing it.


The medicinal rashis are Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius. The medicinal stars are Aswini, Sathayam, Maham and Moolam. Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Ketu and Rahu are mainly the medicinal planets. It is better if the 9th house and the lord of the 9th house are with strength to enter into the medical field since the doctor is dealing with the life of the patient.

1) The Sun in Sagittarius
2) The conjunction of Sun and Mercury in the Aries,
Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius or in Aquarius.
3) The conjunction of Sun and Mars or parivarthana of Sun and Mars. Sun with the stars of Mars and Mars with the stars Sun. This arrangement makes him/her a surgeon.
4) The conjunction of Mercury and Mars or the opposition of Mercury and Mars for to become a surgeon.
5) Mars in Leo.
6) The exaltation of Moon followed by the placement of Ketu in the 9th, 10th or in the 11th house.
7) The placement of Venus at the 10th house to the Moon makes him/her a Gynecologist.
8) The lord of the 10th house should be placed in the medicinal stars.
9) The Sun in the 10th house and also with the aspect of Moon, Mercury or Venus.
10) Rahu in the stars of Ketu and Ketu in the stars of Rahu.
11) The conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the 10th house
12) Jupiter aspecting the Saturn placed in the Libra and these doctors always travel all over the world with their familiarity.


From the ancient times for one to become a lawyer they always look for the strength of Mercury. Usually the people having the Mercury in Virgo can blindly opt for the field of Law. Here one important thing is to be noted the 6th house and the lord of the 6th house should be with strength and also it will be better if the second house, sixth house and the eleventh house are with strength.

In the second house either Jupiter or the Mercury should be placed with strength, that is the second house should the house or the exalted house of either the Jupiter or the Mercury. Along with the above said alignments if the lord of the 6th and 8th house are placed in their own houses, the native automatically becomes a criminal lawyer.

In general for the lawyers the dasa of the 5th lord, 9th lord and the Mercury are beneficial very much. The parivarthana of the 1st and 2nd house, 2nd and 9th house and 2nd and 11th house are also seems to be good become a lawyer. The conjunction of Sun, Mars and Jupiter makes the native a judge. The people with the conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Mars are found to be very successful lawyers. Even the libra ascendants having the Mercury in Virgo followed by Saturn in the 10th place are found to be lawyers. It will be better if the Mercury does not placed in the stars of Mars.