Students findout your educatinal potential through horoscope

Education caliber and Astrology (through prediction software)

The planet Mercury is the karaka for one’s education. If Mercury is well placed in anybody’s chart the native will be sound in education and hence it is Mercury that determines the education of the person. Mercury has its own house Gemini and the exalted house is Virgo. Mercury in those two houses makes the person knowledgeable, intelligent, diplomatic, communicates well, gets benefits from higher officials in the government, gets the company of educated scholars, and furthermore the name and fame also comes to him/her.

From the education point of view Mercury is related to intellectual ability, analytical power, reproducibility, deduction of theories and laws, writing, learning by own, narrating, speaking, communicating, knowledge transfer, information processing and so on. To the planet Mercury Moon, Mars are enmical, Sun, Venus, Rahu are friends and Saturn, Ketu are neutral to him. Mercury has the enmity with Mars but Mars do not keep any enmity with Mercury. When Mercury occupies the exalted house it is better to see which nakshatra the Mercury belongs, if Mercury belongs to Chitra 1, 2 padas then no education can be guaranteed to the native and he/she will involve in quarrel with others orally. Aslesha or Ailyam, Revathi and Hastam are the star of Mercury. Mercury is benefic when he conjuncts with benefic and malefic when he conjuncts with malefic.

In Kendras if Mercury is placed alone he gets Kendrathipatha Dosa, then he starts giving malefic effects to the native, but if he occupies the Kendra with malefics, he gives benefic results. Like Jupiter the Mercury too should not be placed alone in any house if so the native wastes his time by chatting with friends and also by loitering here and there. Mercury aspects 5, 7 houses from the house he occupies then gives beneficial results to the house of
placement and also to the house he aspects. Except in the Pisces whatever may be the sign in which Mercury is placed, if the lord of that house if posited Kendra to the Mercury then the higher education of the native is guaranteed. But the placement of the Mercury in the houses of Mars gives a break in the education. As far as the break in the education is concerned the sade-sati (7.5 years of sani period) gives a major breakage for the education, in that too during the Sun dasa and Moon dasa the sade-sati (7.5 years of sani period) should not occur. If so there is usually a huge loss of many things to the native is found, on such occasions it is better to look for the remedial measures at once. Furthermore this gives a major damage for the Leo and the Cancer ascendants. Generally the Mercury, Jupiter dasa and the dasa of 2nd, 4th, 5th and 9th house lords are found to be very good for the education of the native and these dasas should come at the right age. As per western astrology, from the placement of Mercury in the natal chart, they predict how the native communicates. They feel Mercury is the planet that controls our communication. They describe that Mercury is like a winged messenger of the Gods, comes in on feather light wings and commands us to speak.

The Lal Kitab (an excellent book of astrology) says that Mercury keeps hanging upside down and pounces upon the face of the child at the first opportunity. The native fails to understand anything and meanwhile mischievous Mercury turns the cycle of fortune in the reverse gear. In Indian mantras Mercury is defined as having a dark complexion, the icon of intelligence and Mercury’s qualities are beautiful, his color is green. He was born for the Moon and the wife of Jupiter and hence Mercury has the great enmity with Moon. The Mercury gets debilitated in the sign of Pisces the house of Jupiter but the Jupiter does not get debilitated in the house of the Mercury. Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system and moves

The retrograde nature of Mercury

Mercury undergoes retrograde motion more frequently (yearly three times in general) than any other planet in the solar system. In general very less in known about the retrograde motion planets. If anyone wants to do research on the retrograde nature of planets the Mercury can be chosen for the studies. Since Mercury is known for communication when Mercury is in retrograde the communication is totally affected. Whispers will be overheard; mails and e-mails may be redirected or else may reach sometimes a wrong person. Usually when Mercury is retrograde the marriage ceremony will be postponed till he comes to forward motion. The astrologers won’t read a person’s horoscope when both the client and the astrologer horoscope are Mercury ruled when Mercury is retrograde. During such a time communication will be misunderstood, no contracts will be signed. But the things lost during the Mercury retrograde will be got back when he comes to forward motion.

Conjunction of Mercury and other planets

Mercury gives better results when he is in conjunction with other planets than he is alone (like Jupiter). But Rahu should be placed alone. When Rahu combines with any planet the dosa (malefic effects) increases.

Conjunction of Sun and Mercury

This is usually termed as Bhudhathiya Yoga. This arrangement is told as the King and messenger are together and it is a luckier placement. As this is referred as Nebuna Yoga when this arrangement is found in 1,4,7 and 8th houses and such a native will have talent certainly in some field and that brings him name and fame to him/her. If Sun and Mercury are found together in medicinal signs like Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Aquarius the native can become a good and reputed doctor. This conjunction in the second house followed by the aspect of the Jupiter makes the native as an auditor.

Conjunction of Moon and Mercury

The Moon is responsible for the memory and if Moon and Mercury are placed together then the native will have a good memory and will score more marks in examinations. They talk milder never put anybody in disappointment. This arrangement is supportive for deducing theories. They write poems also because Moon will give an imaginative power to the native.

Conjunction of Mars and Mercury

This conjunction makes the native a good doctor. Especially the native will be a surgeon. Conjunction of Jupiter and mercury: When Jupiter and Mercury found together in anybody’s horoscope, such native would have an interest in astrology, religion, mathematics, etc. Usually such a native will be courageous in nature. The famous auditors are found to be having the conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury in their natal chart.

Conjunction of Venus and Mercury

Such a native will have a lot of lands; he/she will be interested in debates. Usually Venus and Mercury together make the native good in cinema, art, music, acting etc since the Venus is the responsible for artistic fields.

Conjunction of Saturn and Mercury

In general people are stressful for Saturn, which is not the usual case always. When Saturn conjuncts with Mercury the native can become a good writer. They write till their death and earn money by writing. They will be gifted with such a speaking ability they can hypnotise the audience, highly talented in nature, they do not give the due respect the teachers and they are proud of their intelligence.

Conjunction of Rahu and Mercury

Rahu if conjuncts with Mercury the native will be talented in electronics but in the modern world they are dealing with computers. This arrangement is also good for interpreting the horoscope and the person if involves in astrology, he gets name and fame.

Conjunction of Ketu and Mercury

Neither the conjunction nor the opposition seems to be effective. But if these planets are aspected by malefics, then the native can be very good in theological studies or else it brings loses from Uncle and also from sister in-laws, sometimes the lose of younger brother or sister also pronounced.