Yearly Horoscope Predictions : 2008 Leo through computer software

Yearly Horoscope Predictions : 2008 Leo

In summary, if remedies are done to correct the malefic effects of Saturn and be careful of looking after your own health, then during this year the Leo born people can experience such good effects like improvements of matters related to properties, such as properties, houses and lands or consolidation of their ownership, increased prosperity, new additions to the family, gain of knowledge, favour from superiors and success, gaining of new income or career opportunities and prosperity of the children and the family, but all this can be gained through difficult, tiresome and hard work. The expenses will be also high.

For those who are passing the Major and Sub periods of Jupiter or Rahu this is a relatively better period than other the Leo born.

Domestic Environment

Provided that remedies are done, Rahu transiting the 7th house denotes gain through, partnership, public life, domestic bliss and all round co-operation and happiness, victory over opponents. Unmarried may be married happily or else happy occasions in the family such as marriages ect. At the same time Ketu transiting the 1st house, can make you worried of facing difficulties and sudden reversals of situations which may not be of your choice. You should have self confidence, systematic working and courage during this year to make things a success. Otherwise, Jupiter transiting in 4th house can bring sorrows through relations, loss of money, fear, sufferings of humiliations, false implications, domestic unhappiness, and accidents while traveling.


Saturn transiting the 1st House, Health of spouse, children and close relations can be affects as well as your health is also affected. Food not to taste. If no remedies are done, suddenly you will find that, the beauty and the attractive appearance of the body which you had so far has suddenly started to disappear, spots or blemishes in the skin may become apparent. People may start to comment about that you are looking pale or sickly. This is a period to look after health as various health complications can be expected at this period, pains in the chest, a feeling of weakness and a laziness and the pains or accidents to the left side of the body or limbs are a high possibilit