yearly horoscope prediction 2008 for aries sign through software

Yearly Horoscope Predictions : 2008 Aries

Income and Properties

The First part of the year is better in connection to gain of profits and wealth may get gains from deals in relation to properties, lands or houses etc an easy time to get loans. But the end part of the year is a bit troublesome and lean period.

Work and Employment

Provided that you do some remedies for Saturn, a good period in relation to work too, possibility of gaining promotions or new work opportunities, those who are looking for overseas work opportunities may get such chances, but if no remedies done, the Saturn’s transit in the 4th house can bring jealousy among colleagues and earning displeasure, from high ups and officers, mean actions, disrepute, misery and unhappiness. Ketu transiting the 6th house is also not helpful, Ketu denotes change of working conditions, illness and loss through service and one may hear displeasure of superiors and Govt. opponents will becomes active and may experience loss and humiliations through them. Therefore unless you do remedies you must be a bit careful at work. Rahu transiting the 12th house, will become interested and gain through, occult sciences, religious performances secret missions and works, Service to inferiors and victory over enemies.

Domestic Environment

Jupiter transiting in 7th house is helpful, will travel on an auspicious undertaking, will be happy with family or blessed with happiness from children, respect and happiness, good food new furniture or vehicles. May experience some intuition and prophetic dreams. Domestic happiness, good food, marriages, parties or similar auspicious occasions and enjoyments are shown provided that you do remedies, otherwise Saturn transiting the 4th House can bring: Ailment, parent’s health not satisfactory, disagreement with relations,


A good period for education related endeavors.

But for people with Saturn’s major and sub periods a bit difficult period.


For those who are passing Saturn’s major and sub periods a bit difficult period in regard to health, pains in limbs or else arthritis type of problems are more likely to happen for others a normal period.