yerly horoscope prediction through computer software for cancer sign

Yearly Horoscope Predictions : 2008 Cancer

This prediction reflects the general trend expected for all Cancer born people and currently they are passing a bit difficult period. Yet, the good things expected to happen during this year are mentioned below, but instead, if you begin to feel the things similar to the subsequently noted undesirable effects, that means there are some melfic influences of planets specific to your horoscope, obstructing beneficial outcomes. In that case you should better check your horoscope with a help of a trusted astrologer known to your family or friends and find out what remedies needed to be done to rectify the problem. (Only if you can not find a good local astrologer you may contact me).

Income and Properties

This is a period of high expenses as Saturn is currently moving in your 2nd house, will spend money on useless things or ventures, even though the earnings will be good, the high expenses will make the overall financial position difficult. Sometimes the income due, may get held up resulting losses or getting loans to cover expenses with financial stress, reduced comforts, disturbed peace of mind, gain of wealth but loss thereof. Possibility of being victimized by the dishonest conduct of others. Should try to consolidate your position as any loss of position suffered at this period will be hard to over come at letter period. But if handled tactfully there are chances for the improvement of your position for better.

Domestic Environment:

You need to be patient and tactful in handling relationship matters both within and the outside of the family at this period, in such case domestic bliss, all round cooperation and happiness can be the reward from your loved ones and associates, victory over opponents and pleasant functions such as marriage or romantic situations parties are also the likely outcomes.

Otherwise certain transits can produce some undesired results such as, troubles in relation to love or romantic affairs. Possible separation from the partner or troubles in the family. A difficult period for the family members, people jealous of you can also cause problems. Troubles through enemies can bring difficulties, a bad period for spouse or a family member or a person close and helpful to you.

If such situations are beginning to occur, then checking of your horoscope and doing remedies are advised in order to gain the best results during this period.


Health complications affecting the face area such as problems in teeth, or rashes or pimples, headaches are likely also the problems in limbs such as accidents to hands or feet specially the left side of the body is likely. Problems in relation to sexual organs or urinary tract, kidneys are areas of concern, problems of teeth or blood are also of concern